Got Ginko Cloud 9 No Help

I noticed a low noise in the background and between quiet passages while listening to my Scoutmaster. I got the Ginko and noticed that the music may sound a bit better, but the noise is still there. My tt does sit on a glass shelf, any other fixes?
I've found a similar sound when trying the Ginko with my Scoutmaster. I heard a diminishment in low level detail, backgrounds weren't as black as with other isolation solutions. I theorize the Ginko acts as a suspension for a mass loaded tt thereby increasing low level noise. The Scout and Scoutmaster are designed for a stable, non-moving isolation platform. Why would you give a mass loaded design a suspension, it is not meant to have a suspension. Look at my virtual system to see my solution, much better than the Ginko.
Vinh Vu of Gingko Audio here.
Your noise issue may be elsewhere in your system. If your phono preamp, or preamp, or amp is noisy, the Gingko will not fix it. It is meant to reduce vibration affecting the sound, not the noise caused by your equipment. If anything, by reducing noise due to vibration, it may make your noise problem more noticeable.
Write me at with a description of your system and I may be able to help.
Vinh Vu
Gingko Audio.
My tt does sit on a glass shelf, any other fixes?

Maple platform.
The Gingko Cloud 9 is not your problem. It's job is to reduce vibration feedback from your speakers to your turntable (or cd player, tube preamp, tube amp(s), etc...) and it does this very well.

You need to look elsewhere in your system for the noise.

Take Vinh up on his offer and email him.

Good luck,
I recently installed a sandbox under my turntable, which replaced a Neuance platform. The sandbox was designed by Thom Mackris for use with his Galibier Design turntables, and I suspect it's similar to Sns's DIY sandboxes.

The improvement was more than I expected: lower noise floor, clearer sound, less congestion in the mids.

It was a nice $220 bang-for-the-buck in this potentially uber expensive hobby.