Amazon "Cloud" Player

So I just bought a CD from Amazon for like $4.99 and it says you get a free download of your CD on the Amazon Cloud Player. So I download the player and go to listen to a preview on the Cloud player and when I open it up - there's a sh!tload of music in there. But familiar music. Hmmmm. Then I realize, Amazon loaded every CD I bought from them into the Cloud player. Years of cd's are automatically and instantly loaded in there. Really incredible. Unfortunately, it sounds like sh!t. Worse than MP3 quality I think. At least that was my initial impression. Still, it's a very nice gesture on Amazon's part. The average person wouldn't know the difference anyway. I'm definitely impressed with their effort.
Amazon did the same thing with my account. I have over 500 CDs in my Cloud player. On my tablet and computer it really doesn't sound too bad. Yes, it is not "hi-rez", but for it's intended purpose, it works and sounds decent and it was FREE!!!

Thanks Amazon.
Precious little is FREE. If it costs Amazon money then rest assured prices will be increased somewhere to pay for it. Maybe the cost will just be pennies/CD but the cost has to be covered somehow. Great, something else to pay for that I will never use.
Don_s...if you really feel that way, don't buy anything from Amazon. Then you won't have to pay for something you'll never use. Pretty simple huh?
It's something that I only would use once or twice a year, but it's still a nice feature. It cost Amazon little since it's simple linking your account to music they have already setup to stream.