Good Test DIsc

I used to have a great test disc but I cant seem to find it or remember the name of it.

All I can remember is the track where a man would say:

"My voice should sound sound as if it is coming from the far left, it's location should be clear and exact."

Then it continue to left, center, right, far right. Then they introduce a female over the track and stating her location.

I remember this was a good disc, I want to say it was a Stereophile disc but I'm not certain which volume.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am not familiar with the disc you refer to but Rives Audio makes a good test CD.

The one that you are referring to is the XLO Reference Recordings Test & Burn-In CD. Arye makes a set-up/burn-in disc as does Purist Audio Designs.
Chesky Jazz Sampler & Audiophile Test Disc Vol.1. Not only does it have an outstanding left/right/center/and beyond track but it was truly an eye(ear) opener on the track where they would play a tambourine slap miked up close, than a few feet back, than a few feet further back. Made me realize how careful I had to be when reading reviews and opinions, unless one is familiar with the recording being used for evaluation, it's all a crapshoot.
Chesky Jazz Sampler & Audiophile Test Disc Vol.1
I don't think that's it for I have the same disc. Just listened to the test part. There is no female vocal following the far right and left demo. Also when in far R or L he states his voice may be a bit disembodied for it is an extreme location. Great disc though. I was most impressed with the up and over. I also like the jazz sampler in the beginning. I would recommend this disc.