Good source for 6c33c-b tubes...and good price?

What's a good source to buy these tube? Need 5-6. 4 for the amp and 1 or 2 replacements. Are all these the same? or different quality and price levels? Amp is BAT vk75SE.

Tubes are about 2 years old. Think it's time for new ones.

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Several choices follow. First, for $29.95 from the tube store (Available as unmatched only).

Second is a guy at EBAY selling 8 of these brand new for $89.95. Even if half are bad it's a bargain.

Last is a link to Tube Man. I recently purchased a set of 6C33-C-B tubes for Atma-Sphere mono blocks. MATCHED pairs are about $33.00 each. I believe he is the only dealer with the equipment to provide matching for this odd-ball Russian triode.

Good luck John!

good price, but you have to order min. 140 USD quite inexpensive and good experts and nice experts, not cheap but good expensive but good quite pricey, nice selection good, inexpensive, limited selection
Norbert2. Thanks for the link to GS Tube.

I was not aware of their site and prices look good. Do you know where they ship from? Are they a Russian company?
Albertporter: By their phon no. (+7) they should be in Russia. I have not ordered from them anything, I just saw their site somewhere and bookmarked it.
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