Good preamp match for my CA-200?

Looking at a Pass X2.5 or a BAT VK-3i. I've started a few threads before on which amp to get but I think I'll get a better bang for the buck if I start off with the preamp.

Currently have an ARC LS-2b. Rest of the system is my Classe CA-200, Wadia 850 and Thiel 3.6. Down the road I'll still get an amp but still undecided on a Pass X250.5 or the new Krell amp.

TIA for your inputs.
I had both the CA-200 and a newer Delta CA-100 and my favorite preamps with both amps were a Classe CP-60, Bryston BP-25 (unlike the amps, this leans more toward the warm side of neutral) and a Modwright LS100.
I had a CA-200 many years ago, and I found that it worked best when paired with the Classe CP-60 preamp. However, if you are looking to change you amp down the road too, then just looking for the best mate for a Classe CA-200 amp may not be the best match for your new amp.