Power amp to match Conrad Johnson Premier17LS

Guys, you've helped before, so some more advise please. My system is:
LP12/Origin Live Silver Taper/Kontapunkt B
CreekT43 tuner
CJ Premier17LS pre
Pass labs Aleph 3 power
Living Voice Avatar speakers
Acoustic Zen cables
I enjoy most musical styles, Classical especially Opera. Singer Songwriters, Alt Country, Blues and Folk. I am really pleased with the sound I'm getting, I like the low power/Class A amp with sensitive speakers route. The sound is detailed non fatiguing with a good soundstage. So why change? why indeed. As others have commented, none of us can rest with what we have, it just needs to be a little better.
Basically, if I go for a good tube power amp, the Conrad Johnson MV60SE, seems the obvious choice or a pair of 300B monoblocks, is it going to blow my socks off. In the UK, getting to audition the MV60, is'nt easy, so advise would be welcome
I use a mCcormack DNA2 Deluxe and I think the system sopunds great. Any ideas on replacing the tubes?
I was using a MF 2250A with my Premier 17. I had the MV 60 SE and the 2250A, IMO, was the better amp. More power, more detail, more musical. The MV 60 was a bit rolled off on the top and not as detailed. Lush, musical, dynamic...yes. But I really wanted detail and accuracy without being sterile. The 2250A did this and the 2500A goes many steps beyond. So, my vote is for the 2500A.
The main thing to look for is an amp with a friendly input impedance, since the main tradeoff with the 17ls is its output impedance. This is especially true if you are using long ICs and/or high capacitance cables.

The McCormack suggestion is good (same as what I use with my 17ls) and it should run much cooler than your Aleph. If you like tubes, I'd save up for the CJ premier 140. Your vinyl setup and speakers are impressive and probably deserve the Premier line of amplification.
Thanks for the advise, I'm going to look at the CJ power aqmps as a starting point.
I used a Threshold t-200 for many years with my CJ PV-11a. Absolutely wonderful, sweet and powerful. Great bass.
There are many good tube amps in the UK and EAR is surely one of them; I lusted for the 509 Mk Is long time ago and the 890 and 534 are great amps. Or what about Border Patrol, if you want something out of the ordinary?
You made a wise choice by purchasing the C-J Premier 17! I recommend you match it to a C-J MF2500 solid state amp! You will very happy!
I use CJ Premier 12 tube monos with the LS17. This is a very musical match. Plenty of power and synergistic, in my system, driving N803's. I listen to alot of vinyl or a no brickwall filter dac. The P12's are worth the used price. Good listening.