Good NOS tube dealers/New prod. tube alternatives?

In a previous thread, I asked about good lower priced replacement alternatives to the Siemens tubes (6DJ8, 6922, 7308) in my SF Line 2 SE preamp. Thanks, I received a lot of good feedback. But now I have a few more questions:

1. What tube dealers have you had good experiences with? (If I am going to pay big $$$ for NOS Siemens/Amperex tubes I want to be assured that the tubes I receive are as advertised.)

2. Are the only new production tubes manufactured from Russia, China and Yugoslavia?

3. Has anyone used tubes from RAM labs? or Ei tubes? Are the Siemens Falcon logo tubes genuine Siemens tubes?

4. Are cryogenically treated tubes better?

Thanks again,

Current system consist of:

Genesis 350 SE speakers
2 - BEL 1001 Mk4 amps
Sonic Frontiers Line 2 SE
Cambridge Audio D500SE cd player
Perp Tech. P-1A/P-3A (Monolitic Power ps)
Audio Magic Stealth Power Purifier (6 outlet)
AR Turntable
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Upscale Audio...Kevin is the man.
Try EI kt 90s for the Amps..
I use a Sonic Frontiers sfs 80 and they made a great difference. Go NOS for the preamp and Kevin will guide you the rest of the way.
Good luck,
Custom Audio LLC

Try BWS Consulting (Bruce Wenger) 703-536-3910, and Vintage tube 616-454-3467 (Andy Bauwman). Be sure to tell them the product you intend to use the NOS tubes in.

Bruce at BWS sold me Siemens last year and they are indeed the real thing. Andy sold me Telefunken and they are the quietest and lowest microphonics ever delivered by any tube dealer. Two great sources, let us know how you do.
I have dealt with both Andy and Kevin on multiple occasions. Different approaches but VERY happy with both. As above, be sure to tell them what equipment you are using.
I've dealt with all the above-mentioned. Kevin, though extremely busy, is dedicated to coming through for you, and can accomodate just about any need, but only especially if you have bought tube components from him. Bruce has some excellent, though somewhat limited, NOS alternatives (ask him about his Amperex stock). Although Andy has a knack for unjustly disparaging competitors' products while exaggerating his own, he does deal with some good NOS tubes. An often overlooked source with audio enthusiasts is Angela Instruments. Angela deals mainly with the guitar amp market, but the Siemens EL-34's I got are the best output tubes my amp ever enjoyed, at a lower cost than what most of the audio market charges. Very cordial, speedy service (301) 725-0451 or

There are lots of tube dealers on the web, and most all of them are reputable. With NOS tubes, especially the rarest ones, availability fluctuates drastically. Often, the best thing to do is shop around.
I just purchased some NOS tubes from Angela Instruments ( recieved quick service and the product was exactly as advertized. Another place I've used is Antique Electronic Supply ( which is local to me in Tempe, AZ. They have NOS and some very good prices on current production tube, like Svetlana KT88 for 37.95 and 12au7 JJ's for 6.95.