Good, non-jewelery connector for TeslaPlex outlet?

Two-folded question: Should I get Tesla Plex outlets, and what are good connectors for DIY power cables to go with those outlets?

I found a thread from a while back where some considered the Tesla Plex superior to Oyaides. This is my first plunge into upgraded outlets (for my dedicated power lines). I plan to have an outlet for my McIntosh tube amp and Rotel pre, an another outlet for my Rotel CD player. Is Tesla Plex a good choice?

Then I plan to experiment some with DIY power cords. What's a good onnector to use? I don't need jewelery for the sake of looking good. I it's jewelery and their sound is as good, the better. Oyaides are an option, but I wonder if I can get cheaper options that sound as good.

Lastly, am I better off with Oyaide outlets and connectors?

Thank you!
Hi Lewis - first off let me say that I have tried Furutech, PS Audio, Oyaide, Wattgate, and numerous other audio-grade duplexes and the S/R TeslaPlex, while not being a particularly "jewel-like" device, out-performed them all. It was not even a close comparison. This certainly has to have something to do with the Quantum tunneling that S/R does, but this duplex was far more open sounding and clearer than any of the others while never sounding bright. How a duplex outlet can achieve this effect on the sound of a system, I cannot tell you, but what I can tell you is - the TeslaPlex is a standout at any price and with anything plugged into it.
Thanks for the comments, which are in line with what I've dug out of past threads.

Looking at your profile I see you use S/R power cables with the TeslaPlex. Which S/R PC would you recommend for a CD player? Have you tried any aftermarket connectors with the TeslaPlex?

Thanks again!
One word of caution with the Teslaplex, I wouldn't use it on bright sounding electronics. It may be too much of a good thing and can tip the balance to harshness in my experience. That said, I do use a combination of outlets--Wattgate, Furutech, Oyaide, Teslaplex to balance things out a bit.
Kenk, I am currently use Furutech GTX-D(R) inlet with my Synergistic Research PowerCell 10SE II , what's your finding of Teslaplex differs from GTX-D(R)?
Give the Teleplex SE a try. It replaced the previous version. Its much better and less bright.
I've tried the latest teleplex SE and its not as good as my Maestro outlets.
IM looking for a receptacle that can give clear and a 3d type sound stage. I tried oyide r1 its good but the sound stage is not really there. Can i get any recommendations. Thanks