Good mono cartridge for a very light tonearm

Hello guys
I have a Forsell Air Reference tt and air bearing tonearm. The tonearm as you might know is one of the lightest available. The arm wand is actually made of carbon fiber. As I have a large mono jazz LP collection I finally decided to get a proper mono cartridge. I had my mind set on the Dynavector XV-1s which supposed to be one of the best out there. Found out it it unfortunately weights 13 grams. Apparently combining a light tonearm and a heavy cartridge creates compliance problems, compromises the performance of the cartridge and can lead to cantilever fatigue and even snap off during the play.
Do you have any suggestions? I would really like to keep my Forsell arm.

Thank you
Sadly, I know the lack of choices out there for those of us who like to play mono LP's. I considered getting the Denon DL-102 but that was also too heavy for my table.

A better question for me to ask might be "What turntable/arm will handle these bulky cartridges"? As no modern table/arm within my price range seems to be able to.

Seriously though, some choices to check into would be the Grado Monos, or if price is no object, the ultra expensive Lyra Helikon Mono. These should be light enough for your arm.
Hi Pgeorgyev. I've had my Forsell for over 12 years now and have been tweaking on it since the day it arrived in my system. I am glad that you opted to keep it since it is one of the finest turntables built in the planet. Although it is true that the tonearm is a lightweight, I have learned a simple technique to increase the tonearm mass and allow it to work well with several other carts of medium and even low compliance. The trick is to add more weight to the arm (that part where you can adjust the vertical tracking force) and gradually bring the weights either FARTHER or CLOSER to the pivot point (the part where the arm is held by the air tube). What this does is increase or decrease the tonearm mass to match a variety of carts. Do it one weight at a time and find the best weight that sounds best. I use little aluminium washers, each weighing about half a gram, to increase the weight. When you set the VTF, because of the added weight, you will have to set the weight at a different point in the tube. Keep experimenting and you will find a set of weights that will do just fine for a paricular cart. Hope this helps.
ZYX Mono. I think it weighs 5 grams without the headshell weight.
Miyajima labs Kotetu!!
Zyx Mono. I use the UNIverse with the Air Line Arm.

Are you not the importer of Miyajima cartridges into the US??

If so, should you not indicate that fact??