Goldfrapp Seventh Tree---LP Vinyl

This release seems to have me under a spell. I must have listened to it over 1000 times so far.

I obtained the Vinyl release from a local record store. My intent was to get the US release (released 4/15/08), but the store got me the Holland import.

I have been trying to find out if the US release is a 2LP release, as my Holland is a single LP. Anyone have the US copy and is it on 2 Lps?


PS--saw them live 2 weekends ago in San Francisco, incredible show, however they suffered through some sound system issues.
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Cool. I saw them too at the Warfield. I'll look for the vinyl. thanks
The US release is only $17.00, so I doubt it's two LP's. What is available is a Limited Edition heavy 180 British pressing (where she lives) with poster and extras that sells for about $35.00 via mail order from UK.

I think I have all of Goldfrapp's releases and all of mine are Euro pressings. If you find a double LP of this, especially if it's 45 RPM, please post source so I can buy a copy of it too.
Hi Albert

I discovered that there is a UK Double LP.

I really think the US is a 2LP, ..I went ahead and bought one at it is $12.99. I should get mine soon as they are a local BayArea store. (go figure they do not stock it in store). ...I will let you guys know what i get. Fingers crossed for a double!
With 40 minutes of music on ten tracks It's unlikley to be a double LP. Never the less, I bought it too on LP. Thank you for the lead. I have never heard them and the sound is mesmerizing .........
I think the reason it's called double LP is because the Limited Edition version includes two vinyl pressings.

The 180 heavy LP in gatefold cover with a poster, plus a 7" version with the two singles at 45 RPM. I can confirm in a week or two, I ordered this version today for $32.00 from the UK.
I just got my LP from, it is the same Single LP, pressed in Holland, not a USA release, so now I have two copies of the same LP. Anohter oddity, Rasputins is a Berkeley based store, but their mail order comes from Florida.

Albert, can you provide the website where you got the 180g with the 2 singles at $32 from the UK. I think I will get that one too.
Quoted below is my confirmation. Notes are from seller and this is all I know about the album, I've not yet received mine.

Thank you for choosing, you've made a great choice !!

We can confirm your order for the following item(s) :

1 GOLDFRAPP Seventh Tree (2008 UK 10-track 2-LP vinyl set - If
'Supernature' was airbrushed in bold strokes of glitterball glamour,'Seventh Tree' [written by Alison & Will and recorded at their own studio deep in the English countryside] -- £14.99 / US$ 29.23

Total Goods = £ 14.99 / US$ 29.23
Postage = £ 3.00 / US$ 5.85
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Total Charged = £ 17.99 / US$ 35.08

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Please... I'm fom Brazil and I'm trying to find one copy of "Seventh tree" from GOLDFRAPP.. I NEED SOME HELP! Thanks
Choraun - For what it's worth, Amazon has 7th Tree on CD for $13.99. Used 2008 vinyl for $240. 00