Getting best quality from Music Choice

Comcast's MC has been a favorite casual listening source for years. The Motorola boxes supplied used to have PCM output which through a good DAC sounded surprisingly good.

But ... PCM is no longer available on any of Comcast's receivers/DVRs. Software Changes now limit it to Dolby.

Tivo to the rescue? PCM output but only toslink and my Dac
(Musical Design) is coax only. Toslink to coax converter?
I know they're available but how much degradation should I expect?

This depends on the converter (I assume) so I need recommendations. Amazon has one for 12 bucks for example.

Any other gear out there that will do cable and has coax out? I really Love Music Choice frankly and want max fidelity. Big Satellite dish? I think there's a cable able Sony DVD recorder out there.
Dave Hartwick
Chambersburg, PA
I agree, it's too bad there's no menu selection for PCM. I love music choice and have to admit that it would sound much better running through my DAC. It's not that it sounds bad, it's just not as good as it could potentially be. One thing that you need to check is the box's audio properties menu, be sure that you turn compression to "none", the output will appear lower but the dynamic range is not being squashed by the box's audio compression (dynamic range control) circuitry.

I used to have DMX music service before the cable company dropped them and it was great, two way remote with LCD display of artist and song and PCM digital output.