amp and preamp... i'm getting close

I've been pondering finally moving anyway from my vintage Kenwood receiver to some some hifi (or at least midfi) separates. The amp will be driving a pair of KEF Q35's. Maybe these aren't my long term speakers, but this is what I think I'll live with for now. I've been reading posts here and reading reviews incessantly (it's a sickness). I want to narrow down my lists so that I'm confident in jumping when the right component is available. I'm hoping people could comment on any weaknesses (for my budget range) on the pieces I'm looking at. Or a unit that's not on this list that I should consider. I have a small apartment and want a remote with volume control for the preamp. My budget for them is about $1500, which needs a phono preamp either separate or built in. Oh, in case this helps I'll be using a Kyocera PL-701 Turntable; a Kenwood KT-7550 Tuner; and a modded Lite DAC-AH. I listen to rock (alt, old and new), bluegrass, "alt-country" (Jimmie Dale Gilmore, etc), jazz, female jazz singers (like Betty Carter, Billie Holiday and Blossom Dearie), and some classical. My daughter listens to the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, musical soundtracks, etc.

Amps: Bryston 3B SST; Rotel RB-1070; Forte 3a; Anthem PVA-2; Belles 150A.

Preamps: Audio Mirror PP1; TAD 150; NAD C162; Musical Fidelity A3cr; AES-3; conrad johnson PFR.

I'm a noobie, but from reading and browsing agon I've got an appreciation for all the passionate members. Thanks!
Why no Anthem pre's? TLP?
Have any specific models to consider?

Get an integrated unit (amp/pre) and invest the left-over in a phono stage.Reduces the necessity of another IC between the amplification.Just my 2 cents.
I agree that integrated is the way to go at this price as well.

An entry level integrated with phono from Edge just got listed today for a kilobuck. No affiliation but it is a very nice unit.
Can't go wrong for the price for MF A3CR amp/preamp combo used.
TLP great pre-amp with built in tuner. This is the same quality as the $3000 pre/pro/tuners without the surround junk.
I've been avoiding Integrateds just because it becomes too much to think about. But if I were interested in a hybrid integrated... any suggestions?

The ad for the Edge says it has a tuner and phono (sounds like a receiver). But the Edge website doesn't mention those features. Also, haven't found much info about the unit online.
As far as bang for your $$- I have been running with a Bryston 4B (200+wpc) amp and a Conrad Johnson pv 10 tubed pre. The sound is glorious thru my speakers. You should be able to get both for under $1500- The CJ has awonderful phono section if you play a lot of records. And the amp delivers plenty of clean power for unshakeable bass even under the toughest of loads. The amps seems to take about 1/2 hour to really get up and running at full steam. A very nice pairing at a great price.
i was interested in the pv10, but I still do want a remote volume control. yeah, i could get off my butt, but I've been doing that with my receivers for 24 years.
Bryston B60R with phono - not quite the equivalent of the Bryston seperates, but still a fantastic sounding integrated. You can check out the Creek integrated amps too, though I preferred the Bryston. I would also suggest the Manley Stingray, but it doesn't have a phono input or remote control. I think the Creeks and Brystons run about $1k when I see them pop up here. Either one will live up to upgrades in any other components you have.

I was going to go with the Bryston until my budget expanded a bit unexpectedly.
I think in your price range, I would lean towards separates proven to match well if possible.
Still looking at separates but have found my interest peaked at the Cayin A 50T, the Creek 5350Se, and the Vincent Sv-226 MKII. Vincent looks great at the top end of my budget when I need to add a phono still.

I've narrowed my pre's based on simple preferences down to Audio Mirror PP1; TAD 150; and CJ PFR.

Having trouble targeting my sites on the right amp.
Get an Acurus amplifier and either an Acurus R11 pre-amp or one of the cheap Prasound preamps. The cheap Parasound pre-amps sound, available for several hundred bucks, sound silly good and clean and not just for the money. I am running a modified, cheap Parasound through a classic, reference Music Reference tube amp, 125 wpc; the combo is surreal.

You could get the amp and pre-amp combination for under 750 - 800 dollars used here on Audiogon. If you don't see what you want listed on Audiogon, place a wanted ad - this is a good way to avoid chasing "hot" and desirable items once listed. The parasound and the Acurus pre-amps do not stay unsold long once listed on Audiogon.
i've made one decision. I just bought a Tube Audio Design TAD-150. I'm excited about the decision. Now... to match up an amplifier.

I'm now considering either the MF A3.2cr and the PS Audio A-100 (and the rotel rb-1050 as a low end option).
I just bought a used MF a3.2 cr amp locally last night. Can't wait to match it up with the TAD-150.