George McCorkle passed away

It's been a few months now but I just learned that George McCorkle, original founding member of the Marshall Tucker Band (Spartanburg, SC), passed away in June at 60 years of age. He was one of the two "lead and rythym" guitarists along with Toy Caldwell of the MTB. What a great loss. You can visit and click on latest news. Any MTB fans out there? If you're a fan, it's a must to pick up the DVD of their 1980 concert at the Garden State Arts Center in NJ (Borders, B&N, etc). WOW is all I can say !!
Sorry to hear of Georges passing. MTB is a really fun band live. I saw them once at Santa Barbera County Bowl on a Saturday afternoon. Circa 1980-something with Little Feat opening up. The bowl is so nice to see a concert at. You can listen to the band(s) with a view of the pacific ocean, islands & sail boats all at the same time. "Searching for a Rainbow" is always on heavy rotation at my house. Thanks for the info.

I was at that show. Little Feat kicked ass. I had seen MTB a few times before then and they were great but LF was perfect and I have been a fan ever since. Very sad to hear about George, RIP..