Genesis V or Infinity Prelude MTS

I have a set of Genesis V speakers. I've just been offered a very good deal on a pair of Infinity Prelude MTS. Has anyone heard the two or have any thoughts?

I have been very interested in the Prelude myself. I have not yet auditioned the speakers but Stereophile has a review on their website in the archives that can be downloaded. Having spoken with a dealer and talking to some who have listened to them I feel they would well be worth a listen. Very impressive technology.
Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of delivery, credit and common sense, the three speakers I was going to have chez Steve did not all arrive. The Wilsons WATT/Puppys will have to wait to fight another day.
What did overlap were the Genesis Vs and the new Infinity Prelude MTS. The Gens were voted two stars and best speaker under $20K by The Absolute Sound. The Infinity are currently Class A in Stereophile.

So which mag is right?

Well, the Preludes are probably the most accurate and low distortion speaker I've heard, all the way down to 20Hz. They play loud, image well and do absolutely nothing wrong.

The Gens have a few more ups and downs in response and sound a little thicker. What they do have is more air. This I would assume is because they are dipoles above 300Hz or so. They also seemed to me (because of this?) to be more musical and draw one into the performance more. This may be my bias as my last two speakers were dipole and omnipole (Martin Logan and Gallo Reference)

In summary, the Preludes are speakers for the head, the Gens are speakers for the heart.

I'm sending the Gens back (with regrets, and because of damaged midranges) and keeping the Preludes for the moment. I'd like a speaker that combines their strengths.

The speakers I have in mind to try next against the Preludes are Aerial 10Ts, the WATT/Puppys and the Newform R645s. If I can find some cheap Avantgarde Unos I will