Infinity Prelude MTS repairs

Anyone know what to do with these ? Delaminated magnets . Just acquired and they need repair . Some talk her years ago about these issues . Anyone who has or does own these out there ?
I had them years ago and sold them only because of the many problems with the 3.5 midrange drivers faulty magnets that peel, now I'm hearing that the 5.25 mid/bass drivers are having the same problems it's just harder to hear the distortion out of them because they are crossed over lower, they are pretty good speakers too bad the magnets fail, infinity doesn't support any of their products after the warranty expires, shame on infinity, I don't know of anyone who repairs them, good luck with them.
Hi, Mike, talk to the Speaker Factory in Saint Paul. They repair many brands and might be able to help you with these. They fixed up my vintage ARs a few months ago. 
Thanks Soundermn , I ended up bringing the speakers back to the guy i bought them from . I offered to keep them at a reduced rate minus repair cost and he declined . Not sure what he plans on doing with them . My research led me to Millersound . He is a expert working with Infinity . He stated he could repair them . If anyone needs repair for the Infinity Prelude in the future try reaching Millersound
I also own the Infinity Prelude Compositions still in real good shape. I like these speakers a lot; but I will likely never buy another Infinity product. I feel they ruined this speaker's great potential with the next incarnation and you are right that Infinity does not properly support their products. I generally play these speakers with my Cary 280 v12 amp in Triode with either Cary SLP98 or Audible Illusions Modulus 3A pre. With either, really good sound. Great tuneful bass with the internal 300 watt SS amp driving the 12 inch woofer to 25hz. And, at 96db nominal 6ohms even the right 300B sounded sublime. Infinity sure knows how to screw up their various line of products. Best, Rob P.S., if ever needed ( hope not) thanks for the repair references.

They are great speakers . Have not heard them in over fifteen years . Use to listen to them at a dealer back in the day . Way out of my price range then . Was pretty stoked to catch them as soon as they were listed on cl for a steal . 
For rattle problems