Gear NOT in your audio system - what do you like?

I read a similar thread awhile ago that I really enjoyed, but can't seem to locate it now.

Many of us have consumed considerable time and $$$ assembling our audio systems. I wonder what favorite gear we would share with eachother if limited by two rules:
1) the component can not currently be in your system (mitigates "pride of ownership" bias), and
2) you must have had first-hand experience with the component sufficient to form a credible opinion (second-hand experience via published reviews don't count!).

I was exposed to the JM Lab Be Utopia line (Utopia, Alto, and Nova) at my local dealer, driven by CJ amps. They deliver a very different perspective of music compared to my system (I am happy with my system). I really enjoy listening to music on the Utopias! Another local dealer has the Alon Lotus Elites - another treat...

What gear do you like, that you don't currently own?
Tenor, Kharma, Pathos, Merlin, Soundlab and Bose ;) are a few that come to mind.
I've posted this before and it's worth repeating. I had the pleasure of using a Supratek Syrah preamp in my system for several weeks. At $2500 (which includes a superb phono section that will handle any cartridge) the improvement to my system was so profound that I'm still in awe. Honestly, I asked the owner to take it home knowing that every day it remained at my house was dangerous to my necessary resistance to buying one NOW. Other needs come first and I don't need that type of temptation. To top it off I had to contact the manufactuer on Thanksgiving day. He responded immediately and was a joy to deal with. It's beautiful, built like a tank and dead quiet. I hope that the owner may be tempted to upgrade to one of the nicer preamps in the Supratek line and I can pick the Syrah up used.
There is an ongoing difference between the camp that wants us to go to DVD-A or SACD and the other camp that wants to improve red bood cd reproduction.
As a cheapskate who does not want to replace my software,I'm in the later camp.
I'm intrigued by the dac approaches being pioneered by 47
Labs and Scott Nixon,to name two. I look forward to see(hear) what products evolve from the non oversampling dac camp.
I spent a few weekends at a friends house listening to his ATC Active 50 speakers, they were amazing with every disc played I just sat in amazement listening to that awesome midrange, very uncolored and beyond detailed, the instruments just float around the speakers. Listening to that stereo became an event in itself.
I don't have extensive first hand experience with a lot of gear, but one piece that does stand out is the Pass Aleph 3 which I borrowed for a month last summer. If it wasn't for some impedance mismatching with my other components it's very likely I would have bought it. I really loved its sound.

Like Pragmatist, 47 Labs and Scott Nixon's designs have my interest, especially the Nixon TubeDac+. I've never heard it however.
I once had the chance to listen to a Linn CD12 in a dealers system for a while- wow! It was an active all-Linn system and it was the best sound I think I've ever heard.