Gamut vs Tidal

Has anyone here listened to both? How do they compare? I heard them both at the RMAF - they both sounded good, in the Gamut room the speakers were too close to the side walls which made them sound a little "boomy" imo. But they still sounded nice.
I have the Gamut L5s; they are great speakers but need to be well out in the room. Also not easy to drive; needs a lot of power and an amp which can handle low impedance.
The Tidal's should be more sensitive. Their website doesn't list a value which I think is smart, because they are right - many publish false number. Their accuton drivers are more effecient than the scan speak drivers that Gamut uses. (in general) Those scan drivers are very nice, but not efficient. Implementation of the system plays a big role, but some basic generalizations can be made about the two systems regarding efficiency.
Kwb...the Tidal speakers can be driven by SET amps . they also are not that picky about positioning with regard to their sound being great.
I tried to drive my Contrivas with a Rhemo 300B amp. Eight watts don't cut it.
maybe i should have said 'some' SET amps...
I was also at this years RMAF and I listened to both speakers. First thing is, I believe the Tidal that was displayed is more expensive than the Gamut M7. I agree, the Gamuts were not set up properly and they sounded boomy. Properly set up, the Gamuts would give the Tidals a serious run for the money. I would say that the Scan speak drivers(Gamut) might not be as efficient but they are more true to timber than the ceramic drivers that the Tidal uses. Not taking anything away from the Tidals, just a different flavor, they are pretty good but the Gamut M7 just has that little extra realism(when set up correctly). Now if you really want to make things really interesting, check out the S7.
I have not heard the Tidals but would really like to see if they live up to the hype.

I have heard a few of the Gamut range of speakers in various set ups and have always been impressed by the transparency and the way they effortlessly disappear. I remember wanting to keep listening.

Gamut is well renowned for their amps, which I can confirm are outstanding but they seem to be focussed on developing high end speakers as well lately.