GamuT D-200 or Plinius SA 250: What to use?

I recently purchased a Plinius M16 preamp and was wondering if a GamuT D-200 amp would be a good match, or "too-much" for the pre, too "bright/ hot"? Would a Plinius SA 250 (III or IV) or even a SA-100 "match" better as a combo?
Briar, what's the rest of the equip? Your taste in music?Indeed, manufacturers usually match their equips -- but that doesn't mean you can't innovate. Gamut is a nice player, maybe the amp is more to your taste. I for one prefer the Plinius' pre's to their amps -- but that's me!
The Plinius SA-250MKIII is the best amp I have ever used. I would keep it all Plinius regardless of the rest of your equipment, but like Gregm all individual tastes (go for the Plinius).