Single box unit to pair w/ Plinius , Totem?

After a long hiatus from my cd player search, I am now
looking again, with several players under consideration.
They would be paired with an 8200 Plinius, Totem Forests, and AZ cables. Unfortunately, there are no dealers close by for any of these, so I haven't had the benefit of a good listen:

Ayre cx-7
Wadia 301/302
Meridian 588
Classe CDP 10
Resolution Audio

I'm trying to decide between solid state vs tubed. Also,
a couple of the units (R.A. & Wadia) have a volume control, which I'm not certain I'd use. Any idea what that adds to a unit's cost? Thanks, Craig
if you afford it take advantage of an MSB Tech. there is a dac for sale see I have the same exact equipment as you and get an inexpensive transport or player that has a Coaxiel out. I beleive this compenation will plow any of the above mentioned cd players. Any question feel free to contact me
It does not appear that too many people have an opinion regarding a good match up between Plinius and Totem. I just posted a similar question and then noticed your post. Since you posted a while ago I'm wondering what you may have decided or found out in the mean time. I'm looking for a CDP match-up to go with my 9100 and Model Ones. thanks, Mark
I would recomend tubes CDP like the Jolida JD100 or
the AH4000 with upsampler.If you have a budget of
$2500 buy a Sony9000es DVP and consider modification,
Modwright did mine.
Thanks for the tips. Are you running your modded Sony through a Plinius and Totems as well? Coincidentally I have both the 9000es and the 999es and I’ve already given some serious thought to Modwright modifications for one or the other. Before I go that route however I wanted to check out some of the stock models that might be available for about the same price. Sounds like maybe you already did. In your opinion, am I wasting my time? Should I just go the Modwright route?
Jeff I use to run my Sony direct to my Plinius SA100
the result is unbelievable,I use Eggleston speakers,
I am very familiar with Totem speakers,I think it
will be a good combination,Go for the 9000es, it is
way better than the 999es mod. The Modwright
will surprise you, how musical is this player.I
want you to email TVAD and ask Him about my Sony.He
was here 2 months ago and able to listen to it.Thanks
Since your post yesterday I've been reading a lot of the old posts about Modwright. Seems kind of like a no brainer. I have been wondering which player to do so thanks for your tip on the 9000 vs. the 999. Still wondering about Golfrok's experiences though. Golfrok, are you still out there?

PS. my name is Mark, but I've been called worse.

Thanks again.
cary 303/200 or 306 with a siltech ic....cary cdp's sound better out of the balanced ports, but the plinius only has rca...could use an adaptor.