Gallo Reference 3.1 distance from walls?

What are minimum distances from the rear and side walls for the Gallo Reference 3.1's?

Try to get at least 1 meter clearance if you can. 2 meters would be better still for a deeper soundstage. Limiting (or re-locating) any equipment placed between the speakers will also help quite a bit. I have an HDTV in between mine that is set back about a foot behind the speakers and I use a heavy blanket to cover the TV when I'm doing "serious" listening. It seems to help tighten up the focus of the soundstage. See my System link.

Obviously, I would recommend you experiment with speaker placement in your environment to see what sounds best and can be lived with on a daily basis...

Great speakers, huh?

There is no right answer to your question as it depends on your room, distance from speaker, wall treatment etc. I have heard the 3.1s in my room; however, I did own both the Gallo Solos and the Reference IIs. In my room, I found that keeping the speakers at least 2 meters from the front wall and a meter from each side wall was essential. The side wall distance was significantly more important with these speakers as a result of the near omni-directional tweeter.
when I demoed mine I had them 3 feet to the back of the speaker from the rear wall.The formula for the side walls is (this is a good starting point) room width divided by 18 then x5 then x12 will give you side position to center of speaker in inches..
I also towed then in about room is 13x21 and the speakers are on the long wall. locked in real nice..ALSO I would recommend the Bright Star Stands for them.They do sound better raised.
hope this helps