Frequency ranges

Hi, all, I'm looking for a reference or "cheat-sheet" that lists what frequency bands the terms bass, midrange and treble and the subdivisions thereof commonly refer to, plus what voical or instrumental registers are good examples of those ranges. I've seen this kind of description but can't put my finger on where.
Well, here's a rough "frequency chart" from memory. The range of good human hearing is from 20 Hz to 20kHz, broken down roughly as follows (others correct me if I err):

1. Bass range: usually defined as the bottom two octaves, from 20 - 80 Hz. The deepest part of the bass spectrum, from 16-30 Hz, is normally reproduced only by a large pipe organ. (The upright acoustic bass, for example, produces tones down to about 32 Hz.) Some audiophile charts also include definitions of mid-bass (80-120 Hz) and upper bass (120-160 Hz).

2. Lower mid-range: 160-320 Hz

3. Mid-range: 320 Hz up to about 1000 Hz

4. Upper mid-range: 1000 Hz up to about 2000 Hz

5. Lower treble: 2000 Hz up to about 4000 Hz

6. Mid-treble: 4000 Hz up to about 8-10,000 Hz

7. Upper treble: frequencies above the 8-10 kHz range
This was "stolen" from International Audio Review Hotline #16. I'm sure that it was reprinted in other issues also, but which ones i'm unsure of. While there is obviously no "exact standards" for various terminologies, some may find this interesting. While I myself would break things up differently, this is what IAR used for their reviews:

Lower Bass: 0.1 - 50 Hz
Upper Bass: 50 - 100 Hz
Warmth: 100 - 300 Hz
Lower Midrange 300 - 1000 Hz
Midrange 1000 - 3000 Hz
Upper Midrange 3000 - 7000 Hz
Lower Treble 7000 - 12,000 Hz
Mid Treble 12,000 - 17,000 Hz
Upper Treble 17,000 - 100,000 Hz

Hope this helps and explains some things to you. Sean
At under the heading Audio/Video Background there is a chart "The Frequencies of Music" which shows the frequency range of various musical instruments. This should complement the information given above by Sean and Sdcampbell.
Thanks very much for the help, folks. Doclb, that's a great chart at the psb site.
"Upper Treble 17,000 - 100,000 Hz"

Man, that's wishful thinking
Drubin, Talon's Khorus Super-Tweeter goes 13kHz-35kHz. Not too far. However, I'm finding that there they have a slightly fatiguing hump at about 29kHz that I can only hear with certain CDs ;~>
Meta, you're getting me worried. Last time we spoke, you were pinpointing resolution imbalances over the 50kHz range..:)
I took your word for it...