For those who want to DIY their own swarm...

I have not seen this posted here before so I apologize if I missed it. As most know Duke LeJeune designed the Swarm distributed bass array which he has been selling for a while now. I owned Duke’s speakers for years and always respected his designs, even using them in one of my exhibit rooms at the old Newport show one year. Duke is extremely generous with his time and advice and now he has given something to the DIY community in the form of specially designed kits (the price of which includes the drivers and quality materials) so those inclined can build their own Swarms, or as the link will show you, bass cabinets as well for you musicians. There is a video that shows how easy it is to put these together. The whole concept has been well thought out in my opinion, right down to prepping the wood depending on how you want to finish the cabinets. I’m going to order a couple of The Duke 24s and play around with them in my existing DIY DBA set up. Great job Duke and many thanks to you and Speaker Hardware for making this happen.
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I built my Swarm with consulting help from Duke. These sub kits from Duke are much better quality and value than even the good sale price I got from Parts Express.

Dukes kit uses quality baltic birch plywood. Biscuit joinery for precision hassle-free assembly. Internally reinforced baffle for improved appearance. Ported for efficiency, blockable for flexibility. Finished design saves time and money.

Take it from an experienced DIY’er this looks like a great kit! The Duke 24" stands 2 feet tall and uses a 12" driver, enough to deliver monster bass in just about any size room. Choose your finish, add your Dayton SA1000, and done. Awesome kit.