I'm thinking about a Jolida system, and would like to know from those in the know!

Good morning all from the Whaling capitol of the world!

I am on the verge of either the Rogue Cronus Magnum II or a Joilda 3502S and their phono pre.

Comments please, especially about the sound, stability, build quality, service and anything else you can tell me, taking the dive from SS into tubes!

I had the Jolida 502a and the CM. Sold the Jolida.

It was good, but the CM was better, and easier to set bias as there is a built in meter. I've been tempted to upgrade the CM to the II, but its in my second system and I can find better ways to spend my money.

Now if you can save some more coin, and wait. Wait for a Primaluna Dialogue Premium integrated Used, and a phono stage, head and shoulders above either the CM or the Jolida.

Good luck.

The Rogue is built in the USA and is an excellent amp for the money.  I owned one at one time.  I don't know much about Jolida other than I had one of their CD players, it gave me a lot of problems and Jolida took it back and gave me a refund.
My Jolida 502p amp was amazing. Sounded extremely well balanced tonally, and was a joy to roll tubes through, from NOS Mullards 12AT7s, Gold Lion 12AX7s, and various KT88s, KT120s (Lasted a very long time), KT150s, etc., and had a factory upgrade package that was relatively inexpensive at that time (5 or 6 years ago). When I researched tube amps at a certain price point really nothing compared…I only sold it as I now use a single ended amp with very efficient speakers. Note you can call the MD Jolida guys and ask about their stuff…highly recommended and beautifully made gear.
I owned a 302b integrated for a year or so back in 2002 powering Meadlowlark Kestrel 2s. It was my first journey into tube amps and I have since owned, enjoyed and sold Rogue Cronus and (2) CJ CAV50 amps. I now have Manley monoblocks and a Stingray integrated and am completely satisfied.

The 302b was very kind and gentle to my ears, and having been used to Bryston and Parasound electronics before owning this amp, I was used to much more dynamics and high frequency extension. I guess, in the end, I sold it only because I wanted more oomph for rock, though I have to say, for late night listening to jazz and classical, it was VERY sweet and forgiving to a tired mind and ears.

It’s good amp and was reliable while I had it. Just wish it had more jump factor that the Rogue and CJs certainly had.
Good morning all from the Whaling capitol of the world!

I am on the verge of either the Rogue Cronus Magnum II or a Joilda 3502S and their phono pre.

Comments please, especially about the sound, stability, build quality, service and anything else you can tell me, taking the dive from SS into tubes!

I have their JD-801BRC Integrated Amp.  This was my first tube experience and I have been very happy with this amp for about 8 years already. I have never even replaced the tubes.

It has fixed & variable outputs to drive 2 subwoofers if you want more bass when using bookshelf speakers.  I don't even use them, I get enough bass already without the subwoofers. I got it for under $1.5K and that was very hard to beat about 8 years ago.  

Also one very important thing is to talk to the Jolida guys, they can upgrade your unit to tailor the sound to your own taste. Their recommendations make a lots of sense without expending thousands of dollars for nothing. 

I love dynamics and a more controlled bottom also from a SS amp, and I've been looking for a good SS amp but after I got used to listing to tubes it is very hard to find a SS amp that does not sound thin, sterile, edgy and harsh.  I already auditioned in my room the Rotel RB-1590 350 watts and the Parasound A21 250 watts and was not impressed at all. 

I may get the new Jolida Fusion 801 which looks good and has more options than my 801.

I just ordered the KT88 tubes and the rest of the tubes with the Preferred series to start the rolling of tubes. 
Early on they had a reputation for being unreliable, but that seems to have been remedied for some time now.
I've had my 502 P power amp for over four years now.  Completely trouble free powering my Magneplanar 1.7's.  I also have a very high power SS Conrad Johnson amp available but  I find I much prefer the Jolida (with KT 150 power tubes).  A nice solid 3D presentation I find myself listening for hours on end absolutely no fatigue factor. 

The Jolida folks were very accessible and answered questions promptly.  I ended up getting the power amp version with improved components but it was only a few bucks more than the regular one.  For the money hard to beat.  I did listen to a Rogue Cronus but I found it oddly to have a sort of SS sound.  The Jolida has the a more "classical" tube sound that I find I enjoy more.
Nice pic, are you in Idaho, great place.... I think what I've decided after speaking to a gentleman who I believe to be the originator of the business which is now in his son's hands....his last name, I believe is Allen, not sure his first, he's a helluva guy!
Regardless, what I think I am doing is 3501S w/Factory Mods, JD-9 Phono Stage, again w/Factory Mods and a DSD tube DAC.

Opinions please??

Thanks.  Picture taken right next door in Oregon.  Yes, I  talked to Allen before buying the amp and afterwards about recommended tubes very knowledgeable and helpful.  I also talked to Jarred -  I think he has taken over the business - also very helpful. I have not personally used the equipment you are considering but have read many comments particularly on the JD-9 Phono stage generally favorable also lots of threads on mods to that stage if one is so inclined.
You really can't make a wrong move here, both amplifiers will provide fine build, reliability, customer support, and good sound.

I've spent a lot of time around both products and both companies.   Rogue brings a higher parts quality in such areas as chassis, resistors, capacitors, and transformers, more power, and the ability to drive more difficult loudspeakers.  Those things don't translate to what someone will prefer, sonically.  Some of the previous posts lay things out well.  The Rogue will sound more forward and tighter.  The Jolida brings a bit more romance and that amber color many seek out tube amplification for.  That said, you can influence things to a great deal in both cases by going with different tubes, and the Jolida also offers a parts upgrade as @wolf_garcia mentioned.  If I HAD to make the choice of what I want to live with for the next 5 - 10 years, I'd personally go with the Jolida.  But if it was the Rogue, I'd still live happily.  It's a vanilla versus chocolate thing, and that's why they make both.

Only you can decide what the best choice for you is, based on your tastes.  Again, you really are in a no-lose situation
Ive had the cm2 for 3 yrs now no problems. It sounds more musical then the older SS Mcintosh system which it replaced. Every time I audition a new SS Integrated at the stores when I come home and turn my CM2 on I forget about the ones at the store. Also the phono stage sounds pretty good. VPI Scout Hana cart and budgie-10 step up transformer. Also by rolling the center pre amp tube you can go from analytical to warm pretty easy.
Ive had a JD9 Mk 2 for a few years now, tube rolled, and am quite happy with it. Good presence, adjustable on the fly, nice gain for low mc's. 

The Jolida folks were always prompt and knowledgeable. 
eag618, ejman:
I got these Preferred Series tubes for my Jolida 801:

I’m extremely pleased with their performance.
Much bigger image, bigger and controlled bass, I noticed more extension on the cymbals, piano notes are bigger, centered lead vocal and instrument. Guitars sound much bigger, toms sound silky and fast, the attack on the drums are more accentuated. I think these tubes are worth every penny. I’m so excited. This is the first time that I bias the amp.