For all you Dean Martin fans

Just wanted to give you a heads up on Deans album Dream with Dean done by Analogue Productions . It’s a 45 rpm done at Quality record pressings. The quality of this recording is as good as it gets, deans voice is full bodied and detailed and the record is very quiet.

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I agree with the OP 100%.  I bought this APO title many months ago, and it is fabulous. A male vocal favorite.
A lot of Dean Martin original releases remastered to CD are nice sonic treats.  Essential Dean Martin is a good sampling.  
"Dream with Dean" has been a not to well known gem for years coveted among my audiophile friends. The original, of which I have several copies, is fantastic and one of my demo records. From what I hear the reissue is fantastic. Highly recommended.
We have Dean Martin in our music collection including his sensational celebrity roast on DVD . Dean Martin is highly recommended from our home .