Focal Utopia Headphone Cable

Does anyone have an opinion on a great aftermarket cable for a pair of Focal Utopia headphones?
The stock cord is too short. I need at least 16'. So, if I need to buy a cord anyway, I'd like to improve on the sound of the stock unit, if possible. I saw an ad for an Axios cable yesterday, I think made by Kimber.
You will get a wide range of feedback on the two Focal Utopia threads over at

I went with the DanaCables Lazuli Reference and absolutely love it. My setup of the Schiit Yggdrasil - HeadAmp GS-X MkII paired with the Focal Utopia was slightly bright with some recordings (to my ears and preferences) and I wanted to use all copper in the cable I went with. The Lazuli Ref is pricey but, in my opinion and for my preferences, was a perfect pairing with the Utopias.

That's a long length and will be correspondingly pricey if you go with some of the higher end options.

Even the Kimber Axios, which some Utopia owners are using with good results, is pricey.

Hope that is helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.

- David.
Just came across a review of the Moon Audio Black Dragon Premium V2 cable paired with the Focal Utopia, by Chris Martens over at Hi-Fi+

Thanks for the feedback, david_ten.  Here's where I'm torn, now. I could go buy both a set of Silver Dragons and Black Dragons from Moon Audio for roughly the same price as One set of the Kimber Axios. 
These pricing issues bite, don't they. : )

Only you can figure this one out.

If the Utopias are your primary source of music listening, I'd suggest it makes sense to stretch the budget.

And then there is time. You could take steps up the proverbial and infernal upgrade ladder at a later date.
C3 audio! Charleston cable! One in same! Base line cables called Carnar ! Bought for my Audeze LCD -3 ! Great cable, Great Price! If a national internet distributor is selling national cables, bend over! Custom made silver cables for half the price are available! Unless your a eccentric millionaire, listen to me!
A little better than Dana cable is Brise Audio UPG001HPRef. cable.
And the top cable I forgot the Company name but it cost around 7K lol.

I used to own SAA Endorphin cables then I was busy and away from headphones, and now I see people going for Dana and Brise etc...
So I think the Endorphin era is over ? lol
Hey imgoodwithtools, we're in a similar dilemma. So which did you go for and how was your experience? (Axios or Black Dragon) Any regrets? Do share!

@david_ten any further advice to this today? Have you heard both cables?  

Many thanks !
@strafewraith aficionado, perchance... : )

I continue to enjoy the DanaCables Lazuli Reference, though my DACs and amplification have changed over the past three years. I haven't tried other headphone cables during that time.