Focal Maestro Utopia , need advice for AMP/PRE

i found 6 month old pair , bought them
should get then in about a week (hope everything will be ok)

now i need to sell my current speakers:
Focal Electra 1038 be II

acoustic zen silver reference ii XLR interconnect
Cardas Clear speaker cable
wireworld platinum usb cable
Pass labs X350.5
Pass labs Xp10 pre
Oppo BDP-105
PC computer

i red Streophile review , they wrote that the Maestro need a lot of power and to choose the electronics very careful in order to sound at their best.

anybody here know this model and can tell if my AMP and PRE
can drive them as should or i should use different AMP/PRE/DAC ?

all the AC Cables are stock now
using very cheap power strip (10$)