FM scala in USA is the same as in EU?

I am living in Europa and are loking for a tuner. I have seen many tuners in USA for sale. I would like to know if it is only the watt in different (110 to 220) or if the scala FM also is different.
Allan from denmark
I just talked to someone at Magnum Dynalab (a Canadian tuner manufacturer).
He said that the scales are the same, though I think that the US may use different fine frequency increments (like 0.5 or 0.2)for automatic frequency seeking.
However, he said that the big difference is in the "deemphasis" used in Europe Vs. North America.
Magnum Dynalab will change the deemphasis and the transformer (from 110 into 220V) for $100 (I don't know if these are Canadian or US dollars).
Allan, don't. It is not the scale that is different, it is the step width (or whatever it is called - the minimum station seperation). In EU the steps are half the size of USofA. Therefore, if you buy a tuner from US, you will not be getting (or getting distorted) some of the stations. All these apply to DIGITAL tuners. With analog tuners (they are expensive !) you do NOT have the problem. Also, the other way around works perfectly (ie buy in EU and use in US - which I did).
a wery few digital tunas - like a revox b261 that i own - allow tuning in increments as small as 0.125mhz - ie: ewe can tune to 89.3125, or 89.2875, instead of yust 89.3. a tuna like this could be used in yurp, if the woltage is correct.

re: ikarus' comment that analogue tunas are expensive - *good* tunas are expensive, whether analog or digital. but, if ya keep yer eyes peeled, ewe can nab an excellent tuna for <$500usd...

My Onkyo Integra T4087 Tuner was purchased through the US Air Force AAFES system. It is a worldwide model It has a switch on the back to change the voltage from 110 to 220. It has the EU type 2 prong power plug, with an adapter that converts it to a 2 prong US type AC plug. The FM tuning is digital. There is a also a switch to change the frequency steps De-Emphasis for AM only. EU AM band is in 9kHz steps, the US AM band is in 10kHz steps. FM tuning is the same. Does this help ???