First tube preamp recommendations (under $5k)

Right now have di20he -> terminator -> he9 -> pass x350.8 -> ATC scm7 / NS5000.
I am thinking of introducing some tubes into my chain. I like the sound I am getting but want to explore what tubes can do to the sound (slight warmth, biggest soundstage, better layering etc etc). Don’t want to go to nuts on price. If price is over $5k would consider if its really exceptional (but for sure not over $10k). Totally fine with used. Balanced would be nice but not mandatory.
So far I am thinking RP7, EVO400, bhk. Any thoughts?
Take a look at AudioNote  UK --- it will be at the lower end of their product line - but their components are well worth the price -- if that is too rich for you look at Audio Note Kits Canada

I would back up the recommendations for either a Cary SLP-98 or SLP-05. Both are phenominal in my system, running into a Pass XA25, and can be had for less than 5k used.

I had a Rogue RP-5 before the Cary preamps and just like avanti1960 found it to be lacking compared to the Cary preamps with respect to dynamics, tone and timbre in my system.

I've recently purchased a Backert Labs Rhumba and am using this with a Pass XA 30.8  Absolutely love the combination. I would also consider a Cary.
invalid I talked to the space tech labs guy and the 1 thing I didn't like he wasn't willing to show me the internals (he claims since he doesn't want people to copy him). Its something I don't like about mcintosh either.

Most audiophiles don't even know what point to point wiring is supposed to look like anyway, they think it's all the internal parts are supposed to be in neat rows, which isn't  point to point wiring, it's hand wiring but not point to point. True point to point wiring is almost a lost art very few manufacturers do it.