First tt: SP10/Black Widow/Mico Acoustics QDC-1e

Yesterday UPS delivered a package we had thought was lost in the Mojave desert train derailment last week. Inside - and unharmed - a beautiful Technics SP10 with black obsidian plinth, a spotless Infinity Black Widow tonearm with a Mico Acoustics QDC-1e cartridge.

Before deciding on the SP10 I had all the usual (and a few unusual) suspects in consideration - VPI Classic3, ClearAudio, McIntosh MT5, - but I am a sucker for over-built professional studio gear, so I thought I can hardly go wrong with a nice SP10.

This one even has a small part in a audio show write-up here:

I only own one LP right now (trying to change this tonight) but I am enjoying the process immensely. 45 minutes after bringing it home last night the "Missa Universalis" by Eela Graig was conjuring up warm and fuzzy memories of my wedding 30 years ago in a galaxy far far away

Thanks for letting me share my joy.
Cheers, Oliver
Not familiar with that cartridge, but you've got a fine rig. Enjoy.
Lewn, for somebody like you who is heavily involved in MM thread, you have got to try some of the Micro-Acoustics cartridges(2002,3002,etc).
It is a different flavor from the usual mm cartridges.
One hell of a rig, I used MA carts for about 5 years back in the 70's, almost cried when they went out of business.
One of the biggest myths in audio was that Jap DD turntables were not "musical", the US and Europeans simply lacked the technology and capacity of the big Japanese firms.
The MA cart is an electret design (not MM) with lots of bragging rights when they came out.
Last night I went over the setup of the SP10 again - level the platter, arm height, tracking force, anti-skate - and the difference was remarkable. John-Paul-George-Ringo, Miles and Jimi sounded unlike anything I had ever heard from digital. We are still getting to grips with the band-in-the-room feeling as opposed to the compressed in-your-face character of most CDs.
I am loving the discovery of vinyl so far …
Is it too early to think about upgrades? Crazy, right? :-)
Glad to hear you got more records.That one record thing was the saddest thing I ever heard.
Dear Oliverletz: Splendid analog rig and with land to improve in the future. Don't change it, stay with your ears " dead silenced " to any opinions against your rig or the way to improve right now.

Enjoy it and first than all you need to have and choose at least 500 LPs before return to the subject. Enjoy MUSIC that's the main target in our analog world and learn through that time enjoyment.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Dear Audiopulse: You are right the electrct Micro Acoustic design is something really special. The QDC was , if I remember, the first design and other than the ones you name it the best performers were: the 530MP, 630 and 830 ( I own all. ) and through the MM/MI thread I posted about.

Regards and enjoy the music,
"That one record thing was the saddest thing I ever heard."
Thanks for that ... made me LOL.

Buying records is easier said than done, next record store is a day trip away …
Dear Oliverletz: ++++ " next record store is a day trip away... " ++++

not necessary, there are several good sources trough internet.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thank you Raul, your advise is much appreciated!

Would you mind naming a few of the good sources for vinyl on the Internet. I think I already stumbled onto some of the more questionable ones … thanks again.

Best, Oliver