Finding inert filler, for speaker stands

Looking for atacama atabites or sound-bytes or designer "fill" for stands.
Tried sand.....nope, and lead shot contains...???
English sites have 'em, not U.S.?
Go to a hunting and fishing store (like Gander Mountain) and buy shot. Most states have laws about using lead shot for water fowl and so there are types of shot you can purchase that do not contain lead. Or you can buy the same thing that has been repackaged and labeled as a specialty audio product for 2-3 times the price.
Copper BBs at WalMart.
go with the 'lead like' shot. i use the real lead in sealed stands and nothing works as well. Copper BB's is an interesting comment, but given its chemical number it is less then half the weight of lead.
For what it's worth the copper BBs at WalMart are actually copper coated steel.