Feedback through speakers

Music Hall 7.1, Dynavector 10x5, Jasmine LP 2.0 (55db gain for MM), Rogue CM.

Since I've gotten the 10x5, I'm getting feedback hum on some records when I go much above about 1p on the Rogue's volume knob. Certain records feedback while others don't as easily. Seems the hotter the level of the lp the higher I can go.

Any advice? Is a pre amp issue or is it due to switching from MM to a HOMC?

The speaker nearest to the table is about 2.5 ft to the left of the tt and the front of the speaker is about 2ft in front of the table. Ive tried putting a small pillow next to the table to isolate it put it only helps a little.
The way you describe you shouldn't have any problems with feedback, but I'd assume that you'll need to lower your input signal. Looks like you'll need cartridge with lower output than your 10x5 have.
nd that will take care of most of feedback you're getting if not all.
I'd recommend ones that are bellow 2mv on the output for your phono.
Unless the output of the HOMC is higher than the MM, I can't see that the output level of the new cart is an issue. Are you sure that it's feedback and not a low level ground loop which only becomes audible when you have the overall gain higher? If it's feedback, then you are going to have to do something to isolate the cart/TT system. As a first test, I would temporarily move the speaker quite a bit further away from your 'table. If the hum goes away, then you can assume it is feedback (either airborne or structure-borne) and you'll need to attack that. If it does not, then it's probably a grounding issue. As a further test to make sure it's feedback, you can place the 'table itself on a pillow or other compliant isolating surface, to make sure it's not structure-borne feedback.