Favorite of Dick s Picks

I'm not an ex-dead head, but I really do appreciate their music. I'm looking for recommendations on which of the Dick's picks volumes contains more of the old magic of the Dead at their best.
Any that where recorded between 1970 through 1978 kick ass!
Definitely No.4. By far the best sounding and a classic Fillmore show. Also No.8 from Harpur College has a great acoustic set.
Dozin' at the Knick is one of my favorites. The Dead also did a 2 "contractual obligation" albums to get out from under Arista. One was called Reckoning and was all acoustic. Not a sonically great album but one I use to test gear. Anything that makes this album sound better gets in my rack. I think Reckoning started the whole Unplugged thing. Happy Listening.
I beleive Dick's Picks Volume III is the great one from 1977. There is a point on disc 2 that begins with "Estimated Profit" goes onto "Eyes of The World", to "Terrapin" and onto the most amazing version of "Wharf Rat" that you have ever heard. After hearing this side of GD music, I was disarmed, and found it hard to listen to Studio productions of thier music thereafter.
Jerry's guitar improvising has never been better to my ears. The material is the "strongest" I have heard after the great "Europe 72" live set. There is no "sloppiness" in this set of musicmaking. The sound is pretty good too. This one goes to the island with me.
The Dick's Picks volume III Disc 2 run mentioned above is the one I play for friends who have little to no exposure to the Dead. After listening they are usually hooked.
#2 (columbus 10/71), #4 (Fillmore East 2/70), #16 (Fillmore 11/69) - All are excellent!
2 particular faves of mine are DP 16, which many (myself included) consider to be the "Holy Grail" of Dead shows -- just a great show from the '69 era, with outstanding versions of Dark Star, St. Stephen, etc. -- and DP 14, a nice example of the '74 sound, featuring the famous "Wall of Sound." Both of these releases sound good, too. DP 16 is just striking, to me, for performance & sonics. Enjoy!

My favorites are #7 and #10. #7 is a great 74 show from Alexandria Palace in London. Robert Hunter once said he was at those London shows and that the ceiling positively levitated those nights. #10 is a spectacular show from Winterland in 1977 that I was lucky to have experienced. It's a legendary show that circulated forever among tape traders...one of the all-timers.
Danlevy? I'll be damned!

Not Dick's Picks, but I'm very fond of two Arista releases--2/11/69 and the Ladies and Gentlemen...4/71 collection. Great sound on the second one, and that particular configuration of the band (The Quintessential Quintet) was very sweet for me as a budding Deadhead.
Check out #10,18,and keep on truckin
anyone wanna do some burning and trading? i got a burner a some dicks picks and i have a perfect ebay rating so you can feel better about sending off stuff to me if you want me to burn your originals. ive got volume 5 (oakland auditorium arena 12/26/79) that's a 3 cd-er and volume one, tampa florida 12/19/73.
whaddayasay? any takers?