Favorite High-Resolution Tube DAC?

Tell me what you think is the most analog-esque non-digital sounding 24/96-192 tube DAC available within $2500-$3500 price range (new or used) to replace my Reimyo DAP-777. Needs AES, BNC, COAX input. USB not required.
Audio Note DAC will not fit since you want hi-rez, so Lampizator DAC.
I also enjoy the sound through tubes and if you are driving your amps directly from the DAC, then a tube DAC may be essential. However if the DAC is feeding a tube pre-amp you may find a SS DAC to be just what you want. I have a Bryston DAC (AES) into an ARC tube pre-amp and couldn't be more pleased with the sound. You just have to try it.
I am not as experienced with multiple trials of DACs as others here, but I love my Eastern Electric Tube DAC. It has AES, BNC, COAX, Optical, and USB, Sabre 9018 chip, tubed output, volume control. No remote. $750.
hi tgrisham:

i too have the mini max dac, but i replaced the stock tube with a nos 5814. i lost some resolution but gained by realizing a fuller-bodied presentation.

have you replaced the tube ?

theis dac is not my reference. i use an audio note cd2, with a brimar 12au7 and the ps audio perfact wave combo.
Possible solutions;

Lampizator v3 Level 3
APL DAC-S (stretching budget @ $4950)

3 Dimension Audio 18se (no hi-rez)
Exemplar Extant (no hi-rez)

The used DAC's would be an inexpensive trial into tube DAC's. I don't want to jump on the Lampizator band-wagon solely because of the excitement but it seems to be the real deal based on feedback from an audiophile acquaintance whose opinion I trust as well as many others who have replaced some very highly regarded DAC's.

Pkubica: The DAC would feed a Thoress F2A11 integrated. Reimyo DAP-777 is SS so I think a tube DAC is in order if I want to take it up a level or two. This sentiment is also shared by the audiophile acquaintance who uses and prefers tube pre/amps and DAC's.
If you're willing to go $4950 for the APL DAC-S, what about the Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC (made in the USA) for $5000? It will play anything from 44.1/16 up to 192/24 files, whether they be broadcast wave (BWAV), WAV or FLAC. It can also play HDCD-encoded files. In early April, Berkeley Audio will release their new USB>AES/EBU converter made to work in tandem with the Alpha DAC.

I haven't heard the Alpha DAC. I just offer it as an option at the $5000 price point.

I'm in the market for the same thing as yourself, and I'm considering both these DACs.
I believe Sakahara is looking for a "tube" DAC. APL DAC-S while looks fantastic (have not heard) but I believe the DAC is not a tube design. For the same performance level, Lampizator Level 4 with 4 output tubes in balance configuration plus a 5th tube rectifier dual diode power supply is the one to audition. Problem is there are not enough dealers and you may need quite a bit of a "leap of faith".

The new Aesthetix Pandora DAC also has balanced tube output stage and can do 24/192. However, that's $5,000.
03-12-11: Sirotseta
I believe Sakahara is looking for a "tube" DAC.
Yes, that was mentioned in the original post.

However, he stated on 3/11/11:
03-11-11: Sakahara
Possible solutions;

Lampizator v3 Level 3
APL DAC-S (stretching budget @ $4950)
Which indicates he has either changed his mind about restricting his choices to tube DACs, since the APL DAC-S is solid state, or he didn't realize the APL DAC is solid state. If it's the former, then the Berkeley Audio Alpha is a valid option to the APL DAC-S.
Scratch the APL DAC-S. I do want a tube DAC. I was confused with other DAC's being researched, thought it was tube design.

Also interested in TRON Seven DAC. Waiting on price. Would have loved to try the Horning Sati but way up there ($15K?). Designed with DAD.
The Horning Sati uses AD1865 chip, which max out at 18-bit. So it won't really do high rez and may not fit your bill.

Have not heard about the TRON. Any good?
Unless you want tube dac to be able to roll tubes, the APL DAC-S is supposed to be pretty close to the APL NWO-4.0-SE tube based DAC/Player that I own, so I suppose similar signatures.
I decided to try the Lampizator v3 Level 3. I will also be auditioning the APL DAC-S in a couple weeks. Alex is very convincing. I am intrigued that the DAC-S offers much of what the NWO player does, similarly to how the Reimyo-DAP delivered most of what their CDP did.

With regards to Tron Seven DAC, I'm told to forget it with my $4K max budget. An updated version is about to be released and the price has gone up.
You will not be disappointed with the LZ3. Please also let us know how does it compares with the APL DAC-S.
Sakahara, have you tried the APL and LZ3?
Sorry for the belated reply. I thought I should at least mention which DAC I preferred between the Lampizator Level 3/Gen 3 and APL DAC-S. I preferred the Lampizator, especially following the upgrade mods (NOS rectifier tube, Hi-Fi SilverStar fuse, Trompeter UBJ27 BNC jack, and AN Silver RCA jacks). The Lampizator just had more musical soul if you will, although the APL did provide a bit more upper registry extension/control.