Experience with Virtual Dynamics Audition line

I'm thinking of trying this package with my Kestral hot-rods, Audio Refinement amp and Rotel 971-
I'd be thankful for any feedback on this (or something else that could be a good choice)
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I am using all Virtual Dynamics Reference and Nite cabling in my system and have no urge to upgrade. I started with the Audition package and found a massive improvement over the overpriced cabling that I had at the time (Cardas, Audioquest etc...). I recommend you talk to the owner "Rick" personally and he will describe what the package can do with your equipment.
All the best, Eric
Waterloo, Canada
I have the Audition IC, Digital IC and Speaker Cables and the P2 Power cords. I'm very happy with what they have done to my system. I've noticed a deeper soundstage and the music is very smooth. I can't say which one of these cables has made the biggest difference, but as a whole my system has improved greatly. Hope this helps and good luck with your cable purchase.
I knew Eric would be one of the first to chime in on this thread. :•). Wombat, I've been using Rick's full cryo'd Audition Package since April/May of this year and it is far better in my system than anything else I've tried.

I've tried many other different cables in my system and the Auditions have given me a much higher level of transparency and detail while delivering a huge and precise sonic sound stage.

Much of my past problems have been caused by mixing and matching different cables that never really had synergy with my components. Also, switching to the complete Audition line may have allowed a more uniform flow of current throughout my system, so this may not be a fair comparison. But last night I did switch in my old Cardas Golden Cross IC between my preamp and amp and noticed and immediate veiling of the sonic picture.

As Eric suggested, give Rick a call. I believe he now offers a longer trial period than when I purchased my set, so it'll give you a chance to truly see if they are right in your system.
i bought a used set on nite ic's off audiogon a while back,& e-mailed rick with some questions,he e-mailed me back then & also followed up a couple weeks later to see what i thought of the cables(which are fantastic!).nice people selling a great product should always get an audition
I have the Audition package as well and am very happy with it so far. I had a minor complaint not too long after I first got my cables about a month ago and Rick emailed me to contact him as he thought he had a solution to my problem. Turns out he was right. I had originally got the single run of speaker cables and was using my Harmonic Technology Pro-11 along with the Audition speaker cable in a biwire set up. Something just wasn't right and Rick said he would exchange the single run Audition speaker cable for a biwire set for only a nominal charge. I just got the biwire Audition speaker cables on Monday and they aren't even close to being burnt in yet but sound pretty good in spite of that.

Great cables at a great price and excellent customer service sound like a winning combination to me. When you get them though - don't do any serious listening until at least three days have passed. They will sound even better in a couple of weeks. Deep bass, big soundstage but not artificially so, and decent HF extension. I will post a more complete review once the speaker cables have fully burnt in. I did find the Auditions more detailed and revealing than the Harm Tech Truthlink and Pro-11 I had been using.

Down the road I intend to get a pair of 4m IC's for my sub when I get some coin. Wouldn't mind a Nite IC between my CDP and pre to see what all the fuss is about.

Go ahead, try them. I don't think you will be sorry.