Experience with Cary SEI300

Would be interested to hear from anyone who has used this amp particularly with Proac speakers. Thanks. Dave
I had a 300SEI with a pair of ProAc 1sc's in a small room and the sound was fantastic. This combo will perform beautifully with jazz and acoustic music. With "denser" music, it will sound good but you will not be playing to the strength of the system.

BTW, get one with the Western Electric 300B's. By far the best tube for this amp when used with ProAc's (at least in regard to the 1sc).

No experience. But I am looking at matching the CAD 300 SEI with Spendor S9's. Anyone familiar with this arrangement. Sound great in the audio dealers listening room
I have an immediate ,silky and a sens of a complete presentation of the music, when using Sophia' 300b on my Sun Audio 300se via the 1'sc. I doubt, that it would be that apparent in a Hotel' showroom. But at home, listening to voices, instruments and hall's, it deliver more music and associate plaisures, than the less limited db produceurs that have come my way, regardless, of shape and form.