experience w/ Auralex room treatment

I am getting a wool (wall to wall)carpet for my listening room tomorrow which I have freshly painted and everything is now much more pleasing to the eye. I would like to reduce the amount of ugly home made room tratments and try to treat my live sounding room with a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to blue mattress eggcrate foam stuff. I was at my local guitar / Pro audio shop today, and I saw one of their small rooms treated with a $329.00 absorption kit of room treatment from Auralex. It actually looked decent in the burgundy and gray color they had. Does anyone have any experience with this or similar sonex type products. Thanks in advance.
I've been using auralex products for about a year. Probably the best $100 I ever spent in terms of bang for the buck. You might want to check out their website. They will do a free room analysis for you and make recommendations on locations for room treatments.
i use auralex in my listening room. it made a very noticeable difference in my room in clearing things up by reducing slap-echo effects. just remember, it's always good to mix absorbsion and diffusion so you don't end up with a dead listening space.
Like Lazarus28, I too use Auralex with great results. I use the 4" Pyramids, Q-fusers and T-fusers (modified). The pyramids are gray and diffusers are painted the same color as the ceiling. Because the diffusers are supposed to be painted, you can match to your decor. Don't get the foam in anything but gray because the other colors are hideous. I really like Auralex products because they look good (once painted, etc) and they are inexpensive. Go to their website and look at the gallery, or better yet call them and get a catalog – the pictures are better on hard copy. Finally, I have found that the best place to buy them is from


This place has the lowest price, fast shipping and great service (no, I don’t work there or anything like that).

I don't agree with Seasoned regarding the colors. Both the purple and the cranberry look pretty sharp depending on your wall color of course. Also note that you have more mundane (and also much more expensive choices) if you look on their site.
I took advantage of their recommendation process, and came out with a room that sounds excellent. One suggestion - don't use the glue - use pushpins so that you can change positions as desired. Moving a panel just a few inches can have a significant effect on the sound.
You can also mix-and-match the panels of varying thickness a design to get the desired sound and aesthetic effect.
Slightly off topic, but the Auralex SubDude really eliminates boom from my Velodyne HGS-15 sub, and seems to extend the perceived low end. Knowledgable listeners agree that the sub now integrates seamlessly with the KEF 104/2s, and you could not point to it as a source of sound. The crossover is set at 80 Hz. The SubDude provides acoustic isolation from the floor and raises the sub about 3 inches.

Like the others, I have very good success in using Auralex in my dedicated music room. After installing the front & back walls with DST 112s & 114s, I assembled my own side reflection panels utilising wooden stands.

The result of this was a quieter environment (less echo), a more even/flatter frequency response ie: less exaggerated high or low frequencies plus a more stable/focus image.

I stayed with the grey colored panels though & I researched Auralex & other related sites before installation.

Good luck.
I used Auralex panels in a dedicated LEDE room and they were very effective in eliminating first and second reflections. I may have overused them and/or not mixed in enough diffusion however. Good recordings were spectacular in terms of realism and depth but bad recordings were lifeless. It was a very ruthless room and system.
One more thing, mine were beige in color and that particular color faded rather quickly becoming a sort of mustard color. I don't know if the burgundy would have the same problem.