auralex bass traps

Anybody have suggestions on these things...apparently your supposed to start at sealing in the corner,anybodys experience with them would love to hear it.or did you find you didnt like them.
I have no experience with them as such, so I can only generalize from the Auralex SubDudes which are amazingly effective. I think Auralex knows how to design acoustic products that address bass.

They're great at removing boom from a room. I've got LENRDs in the corners, behind my listening position. Just the upper 4FT, as there is furniture below that point to break up the waves.
They work but less efficiently than mineral fiber traps.

Second Kal,

Mineral fiber traps are better by about 60%. So if you go LENRD's then you will simply need to a few more thats all.

Specifically, One linear foot of GIK Tritrap is very roughly equivalent to 1.6 linear feet of Auralex LENRD in absorption at 100Hz. (when both placed in corners)