Exceptional Recording of Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana is one of my favorites, but I have yet to find a truly outstanding recording matched with an inspiring performance. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Tom.
I would recommend that you consider (if you haven't already) Ozawa's performance on RCA, Shaw's performance on Telarc, or Blomstedt's (which won a Grammy).
I have many carmina burana's and I always find myself going to grab the Atlanta symphony orchestra/chorus directed by Robert Shaw- for some reason it just does it for me. And its available on SACD which reveals even more detail, getting me one step closer!
The Clemencic Consort version on Harmonia Mundi is a little different and enjoyable.
for me.
I've got two favorite versions, both on Decca/London and both with excellent sound.

1. Herbert Blomstedt conducting the San Francisco Symphony & Chorus.

2. Riccardo Chailly conducting the RSO Berlin & Choir.
I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the new Telarc SACD with Donald Runnicles & the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

Perhaps some Carmina freak out there will see fit to take issue with a particular aspect of the performance, but overall it seems to capture the spirit of the music exceptionally well--and everyone I've played it for (audiophile and civilian alike) thinks it sounds fantastic!

The disc itself is a hybrid, with a regular CD layer and an SACD layer (containing both a two-channel and a multi-channel mix). The recording is pure DSD (essential if you want to hear what SACD is all about). I've only listened to the two-channel SACD mix, so can't comment on the multi-channel mix or the Redbook layer.

Folks who have yet to be impressed by SACD ought to give this one a try. A megabuck setup is definitely not required: any half-way decent system (good subwoofer highly recommended) with enough juice to attain realistic SPL's ought to absolutely electrify you. If not, something's amiss with your equipment, or perhaps you just need to have your neurotransmitters drained, flushed and replenished.
I agree with Rel, I find the Runnicles/ASO SACD to be superior to the Shaw, which I like (particularly the soloists) but have always felt was a little too restrained (it is supposed to be an orgy, you know!). Superb sonics. I should probably get the Blomstedt/SFO as well for a different interpretation.
Sounds like I have some listening to do! Thanks for all of the recommendations, folks. I don't have an SACD player yet, but unless the format takes a dive, I will probably pick one up over the course of the next year.

Thanks again, everyone.

I have several versions on CD which various experts recommended as the top performances.........then on someones recommendation from here I tried Stokowski/EMI Classics and now have new reference. This is stereo 1958 recording and part of "full dimensional sound" series selling at mid price, great sound and performance that eclipses all previous versions I have owned.
Of the ones I've heard, my favorite is Muti on EMI (either Philadelphia or Philharmonia Orchestra...can't remember OTTOMH and I'm at work unfortunately). Rather bombastic if you like that sort of thing, and I do =)
And from left field..... I like Fruhbeck de Burgos (more swing and flair than others) and Kegel (more rhythmic power).