Eurolab premier turntable.

I'm considering buying one of these and would like to know if anyone can give me any feedback on this table. Thanks.
Whom are you going to buy one from?
Please don't answer a question with a question. I'm just looking for feedback on the table. If you have any knowledge on this piece I'd be very interested. Thanks.
Go to the Audio Asylum's Vinyl Asylum and conduct a search using Eurokit, Eurolab and Scheu (who is the designer of this table, now in its MKII iteration). This table was the inspiration for the Teres et al. The designer, Thomas Scheu, is a mechanical engineer who put a good ten years into the design of the table.

You can probably get NOS from Audio Advancements at a good price since they no longer have US Distribution rights for the products. This has, I imagine, more to do with politics and/or sales related issues than anything else, so buy with confidence - Audio Advancements has been around forever. The table is bullet proof, BTW.

Get the 80mm platter if you can...I have a 40mm (now discontinued) platter and will get around to uprgading at some point. My table is over two-years old, and it runs fantastic.

The only reason not to put a table such as this one at the top of your list is a preference for a suspended deck, in which case the Scheu would drop to the bottom of your list.

Hope this helps.
It is very, very quiet, almost no character of its own.

Benefits from the Mystic Mat. In fact, Goyescas, you shd consider this, you might not need to upgrade the platter after that.

The Schroeder model 2 arm is a great match to this table.
Don't buy from Audio Advancements since their customer service after sale is very bad. You can buy one from which is still in NJ.

I have no direct experience with the Eurolab but I had the pleasure of having Hart of Audio Advancements set up my arm/cartridge configuration on my Teres 265. AA is (was?) the distributor for Eurolab and I saw the table there and it looked exceptionally well constructed.

I noticed from your previous thread that you are in Northern New Jersey which is where Audio Advancement is located.

Like yourself I was concerned about proper set up of my table. Unfortunately I had a 2 1/2 hour drive! He did a masterful job with my Morch DP-6/Allaerts MC-1 and I couldn't be happier.

If you are interested in the Eurolab and have the opportunity to have Hart do the setup it seems like a no-brainer to me.

Ken Golden
Just spoke with Hart and got some basic pricing information on the Eurolab turntables:

Premier 1850
2001 1250

80mm platter add 400
battery pack add 100

they also have their own version using the Scheu parts called a "2008" and it comes in either aluminum or brass (very heavy); prices are substantially up at 2500 (alum) and 3900 (brass). The 2008 looks just like the 2001 but has much better construction is the word.

The Premier seems hard to beat at 1850 and the 2001 at 1650 w/80mm platter another way to go.

Hard to get past the unconditional Teres warranty; ie, if you don't like it send it back and they give you your money back. That is my understanding from the Teres site. But, the model I like (265) is substantially more expensive @ 2750 than the Premier.
Thanks for the input gentlemen. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Tom, the owner of Hudson Audio, and found him to be down to earth and extremely knowledgable. He is a 5 minute ride from me. The shop I bought most of my gear from only gives me lip service since taking my money. I guess you can't know about a place until a problem arises. Thanks for the tip Poorguy. The Premier is looking good right now.
It is a fine turntable.
A blessing from TWL! I , like most people on this site have read many of your posts. Subsequently, I respect your opinions. I know you like the Teres stuff. I guess this table is kind of similar in philosophy. Your endorsement of Eurolab is appreciated. Thanks, Tom.
Why don't you but a new Scheu Premier directly instead of helping the US dist. clear out stock he is not a dist. for anymore and probably won't give you warranty work on? You can get a Scheu table for around $1500 or so, with full warranty. Sweet looking table with other interesting options that I dont think hart can give you. Save money, get a supported product - two reasons I would go this route over the other.
B.Mckenney: Are you sure about the price of the Scheu? The Euro has gone crazy lately. Hudson Audio to the best of my knowledge is a direct link to Eurolab. He lives 5 mins. from me and is extremely knowledgable. I looked at several eurolab tables. I don't know if he has a Scheu premier, but he might. Thanks for the tip.
I don't know what you mean by Hudson being a direct link to Eurolab. I believe that Eurolab is the name of the real Scheu Premier model that Hart of AA came up with for the US market. Or Eurolab is a name for one of the other Scheu tables carried by AA at one time. I know there used ot be a lower level table below the Premier that Hart used to have in that was called a EuroKit or something. Anyway, anybody who has a table called a Eurolab has left over stock from when Hart was the distributor and I imagine that Hudson Audio happens to have some "Eurolabs" left in stock that they just want to dump since its not a supported US product anymore.

Just to be clear about this, Scheu doesn't have a US dist anymore and he sells direct to the market now. Any retailer in the US who is selling a Premier or Eurolab is selling old stock that probably has no warranty coverage.

If you have a look at the Scheu website you will note that the Premier has been improved and is now at MK II. This would mean that any tables being sold by anyone in the US are not only unsupported (assuming Scheu won't support it now) but also obsolete.

As for the price, when I looked in to it around 4 months ago it was around US$1500 for the basic entry level Premier. So I thought $1500 would be about right but it could be more now. Anyway, if you go to the scheu website you will note that you have to contact them to get the price list. Even if its $1700 I would consider it over the old stock that doesn't have warranty for the same price. Plus you have options for single or dual 9 inch or 12 inch arms, platter thickness, and even colour.
1499 euros for the premier II from Scheu plus shipping and plus record clamp....That is over 2 large, right, with the sick greenback vs the euro these days?
I had a look at the pricing from the Denmark distr. for Scheu and converted their Kronars or whatever they are to US$$$ and it was around $1800 for the basic Premier for a single 9 inch config.
Speaking of Denmark. Where's the cheapest place to get a Morch DP6 arm?
I have been down this road. I don't know how Morch managed to do it, but the price of the arms seems to be the same across the globe. You can't get it any cheaper in Denmark or any other Netherland country. However, Hart is a pretty greedy guy and his prices, his greed coupled with a weak US$$$ have resulted in price increases in the US. Today, I would think the best place to buy would be in the UK. Ask for a price quote from Walrus in the UK and another dealer in the US to get a comparison.

I did get a DP6 in the end from a great US dealer, Sonic Culture in San Diego, and I really love this arm. It is so great in so many ways -- sonics, build, ease-of-use, flexibility, functionality/adjustments.
I e-mailed sonic culture and they refused to sell quote me based on the fact there is already a dealer in my area.
I asked Hart about the new version of the Premier that is on the Scheu website vs the unit he is selling. Hart advised that he received 11 of the latest turntables a couple of weeks back. So, the tables being sold by Hart are the current stuff and he continues to have a relationship with Scheu.

I would suggest if there are any more questions along this line to contact Hart at:

H. Huschens []