ET 2 Owners - feedback please

I am interested in hearing from other ET2 owners what modifications/upgrades they have tried, and which were the most productive. I have the high preasure manifold so have considered the higher output air pump, as well as the surge tank. I have also applied Marigo dots with good success. What has worked for you? In what order would you apply these upgrades? What has not worked? Please share your knowledge.
Thank you for your time, experience, and feedback in this matter.

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I had two of these (on separate occasions). The first worked flawlessly, using the stock pump and no surge tank. The second was a constant pain -- the arm hung up near the end of records, and other problems I can't remember but that destroyed the styli on at least two cartridges. This arm came with the Wisa pump and fancy surge tank. Finally discovered, after selling it, that BOTH the pump and the surge tank were defective. Nothing was wrong with the arm itself. Moral: stick with the original pump. Bruce Thigpen of ET was extremely helpful, by the way, but couldn't solve the problems that the pump/surge tank were creating.
I have the WISA pump & surge tank. With the surge tank, the image is much more focused, ,involving, & realistic.
Hello. I also use the ET-2 with a homemade surge tank and feel that the surge tank is a very worthwhile upgrade,offering better dynamic range and focus to the sound.Precision set up is imperative with most any table/arm combination but it is of paramount importance with the ET-2.When the arm was first introduced it was commonly sold with the VPI suspension tables and was just about impossible to get it set up right.Much akin to the old Linn lp-12 scenario...Very much a hit and miss situation and one that inevetably would go out of adjustment regularly due to the suspended chassis.The simple fact of the matter is: Do "NOT" use the ET-2 on suspended tables! The tonearm must be "exactly" level to get the best out of it.When precisely set up properly...I personally feel it is as good as anything out there!It is a very versatile tonearm and will get the best out of most any catrtridge on the market regardless of compliance.As most of you veteran analogue users know...cartridge compliance and tonearm matching are of paramount importance!If you own one of the many fine suspension tables,I would suggest using one of the other fine tonearms out there as the ET-2 will just frustrate you to "no end"! Best of Luck Cheers David.
I've had a stock lo-press set up which worked just fine, thanks. On the strength of that, I couldn't resist a hi-press (actually, medium in the scheme of things) set up when it swam past at the right number. It has the hi-press manifold, damping trough, Wisa pump and the big factory option accumulator. (Also, now three arm wands, which I consider a good idea if you're a cartridge junkie.)

I'm glad they were sold with suspended 'tables, 'cause I got both of my arms cheap from frustrated suspended owners who, inevitably, couldn't get them to run right. No question a nonsuspended 'table is the way to do this. Once properly set up the ET is very simple to keep in adjustment (assuming that the operator knows whatthe goal is) on a rigid 'table.

I confess I don't have experience with the damping trough, yet. I move the arm too much, since it's so easy to do with it being on a freestanding pod, and I don't want to risk getting siicone everywhere. That is a step for the near future.

Otherwise, I only assume that the "ugrade" really is one. The base version which I had for a couple of years worked just fine, and the high press version I think is on the same continuum, just further down the curve. Probably worth it, but since I didn't A : B them, I couldn't swear to it. EIthe is worth the time and money.

Peter C
what did you construct your surge tank from? I have considered using 6" pvc and pvc end-caps to make one. Any 'gotcha's' to be aware of?
Hi Squidboy. I went to walmart and bought an automotive air tank and simply changed the fittings to accomodate the air hose from the pump to the tank.Then threaded an industrial air regulator valve to regulate the air out to the tonearm.Total cost was about $45.00.Anyone using an et-2 should do this as the improvement is more than suttle on a high resolution rig.A friend did the same thing with a barbecue tank.Hope this helps. Cheers David
Elaborating on my post above, I had the surge tank sold with the Wisa pump. Don't remember the brand, but it was a green tube with white end caps. Looked great, but I ultimately found out it was leaking air THROUGH the end caps (put the ends in a pan of water and air bubbled through). Also, the Wisa pump was not doing its job. The purchaser, an ET-2 fanatic, said he had found these problems with a number of such pumps and tanks.
My previous PVC tank, which I got from previous owner, has leakage problem when high pressure from WISA engaged. My current tank, a metal one, has no leakage. I got the new one from eBay by searching for "CAMPBELL HAUSFELD".
Thanks for the replies so far. I have purchased a Campbell Hausfeld air tank. Now, what have you guys done in terms of air supply. Who has stuck with the stock pump, who has changed to the Wisa pump, and what other options can be suggested? I saw a couple of small air tanks by Campbell Hausfeld that included small air compressors - anyone attempt using something like that?
I'm using WISA pump & only gets about 6.5 psi. Those air compressors are very loud. The previous owner of my ET-2 had bigger compressor from HomeDepot & tuned the pressure to 15 psi. His analog rig was in the living room & the compressor was in the garage due to the loudness.