Esoteric S-03

Does anyone have any experience with this amplifier or the S-02? I like Esoteric equipment and think this could be an excellent match to my TAD speakers.  I do not need big power given my listening tendencies; my other option might be Pass 100.8's but I would prefer a single amp due to space constraints and WAF. 

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I have. Which TADs are you looking at, they have numerous models?

Anyway, I used a s-03 to drive Genesis Vs (~89dB, 4ohm avge). It drove them well, no clipping at high levels with difficult music (orchestral), fluid sound, solid punch, etc. Qualitatively, they sounded flat, not "euphonic" (i.e. no midrange bloom, etc etc), dry and solid but not fatiguing.
Mind you, the speakers are 4-way & anything below 80Hz is driven by a separate amp.

did you compare the s-03 to other amps with your speakers?
Yes I did—my own, a Symphonic Line Kraft 250 class A. Don't get me wrong, the sound was excellent, it's just that my own amp happened to sound even better (albeit at a much higher cost!).The 03 was very crispy sounding and unusually extended especially in the low end; it should sound good with your Ev-1, perhaps with a slightly hot top end, but overall I expect it to energise those speakers superbly. Compared to a big Krell (don't know which one U use) the 03 will probably sound slightly crisper, with a more defined bottom end and with less low-mid bloom.