Esoteric K-03X:

I will receive my Esoteric K-03X this week, and I heard the seller said K-03X (and K-01X) need to do setting to select which output you want (XLR or RCA). Does anybody know what is default output for K-03X?   Is XLR?  THX!

PS:   I'm using full balance connect in my system (all XLR cable).

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I believe the default on most if not all Esoteric units when shipped from the factor is XLR but you should use the simple menu/config setup to verify that upon arrival...

????? mmbl62: Your last 2 posts are partial and we cannot know what your question is....please post again.

I think my computer has something wrong in m y last 2 posts, now I try again.

As we know the hybrid SACD has two layer, one later is SACD, another layer is normal audio CD. Many SACD player can choose which layer to play.  For example, Accuphase DP-720 AND DP-550 has a function called  “Read Area”. However, it seem like my Ex-CDP (X-03SE) does not have this function, it can only read the SACD layer.  I couldn’t found this function showing in my user manual. Also I couldn’t found this from the setting mode. My question is if my new CDP K-03X can choose which layer play?  Is it from the mode setting? Or only the top model K-01X has this function?


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Hello mmb1622
Yes with your new Esoteric K-o3x you can choose the layer you want to play. But not on the fly. the manually that comes with it will tell you how and how to set up. 
enjoy Pete
All Esoteric players and transports  I have either owned or demo-ed (DV-50S, X-03, X-01, UX-3, UX-1, P03, P02, etc...) allow you to select SACD or CD layer as the default. Look for 'Play Area' button on the Esoteric remotes or '2ch/Multi-ch' in the internal config menus....

Hi zephyr24069

Many thansk fro your vavable informatin!  There is no 'Play Area'  botton on my old X-03SE remote controller, maybe I should look at 2 channels/ Multi Channel at that time. Anyway, the new K-03X remore has Plat Area botton (Just saw the picture from internet), it is much more convienent.