Esoteric K-03 or X-01 D2?

I have the choice of either of these 2 units for roughly the same money. Unfortunately I will not be able to hear them or compare. For Red Book CD which would you choose? Any views would be much appreciated.

X-01 D2 is a fine player (like the UX-1 of the same era) but hands-down, go for the K-03 or K-01 if you can manage it!

looking for intel on the DV series and the X-03/X-03SE players.

I have auditioned the DV-60 and really liked its SACD playback. I have not had an opportunity to demo the X-03/X-03SE ?

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
I've already answered on the other thread which overlaps this one...check it out!
Thank You! Zephyr-

I know there are more Esoteric owners who have yet to chime in on my query?

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!