Esoteric DV-50S vs. UX-3SE Audio/Video quality

Anybody could help me decide if the extra cost for the UX-3SE is worth the investment.
Having used a stock and a modded DV-50 S for a while the upgrade from the stock DV-50 S to the UX-3 SE is quite significant. Modded DV-50 S betters stock UX-3 SE by quite a big margin BUT does not provide 1080i video processing - that´s why I choosed UX-3 SE - which will get a full US $ 2.790,00 RAM mod sooner or later.
FWIW, I have a DV-50 and have run it through an iScan HD+ video processor via its component outputs [interlaced]. I found this to be the best picture I ever got in my system [Sharp XV-Z10000U projector using the DVI input from the iScan].

I did try the DV-50S and was very disappointed with the video [and disappointed with the standard DV-50's video too] which is how I ended up with the iScan. Since all of that, I have had my DV-50 modded by The Upgrade Company and an SDI output installed. The SDI was NOT worth the money, but the Upgrade Company's work definitely was worth the money.
Jp, oops!. I meant Dbld!,
So how did it compared to a UX-3se? Am I missing something in your post?
My apologies - I have not seen or heard the UX-3se, I meant simply to address that I feel the Standard DV-50 with an external video processor was significantly better than even a DV-50S in video quality in my system. Given that the "S" upgrade is $500 plus shipping, it is not that much more dough to stick with the standard DV-50 and add an external video box. Plus, you might get some extra video flexibility to boot.

Many, me included, feel the DV-50(and the “S”) falls short on the video side of things on its own. However, by adding an external video processor, I feel I am not compromising in the slightest on video.

And then there's the audio...just very nice!
I replaced my DV50S with a UX3SE.
The UX3SE video is much better than the DV50, same for the sound : the DV50 was already very good but a bit on the dark and full side, the UX3SE got more details, is more dynamic, faster and more transparent.
I think it really worth the money.
The DV-60, Is a "must consider".