Equipment Pairing

I have a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 702S2's which I have enjoyed listening to for the past year using an old Adcom GFA 545 (awful) and currently a Cambridge Azur 851A which sounds pretty good. Both a bit underpowered but the Cambridge was quite smooth, perhaps a bit too much so. I want to up the system and excitement a bit and plan on purchasing a new Amp / Preamp. I am looking for some feedback on pairing the 702's with other brands. My shortlist today includes the Parasound A21+ / P6 and Rotel RB-1590 /  RC-1590 main / pre combo's as well as the Musical Fidelity M6 Pre / PRX  series and DAC. I listen to all types of music, with an emphasis on Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, and Blues and I like it a slight bit on the bright side. I'd appreciate feedback if anybody has heard any of these pairings or can suggest alternate products that fall into this price point with a bit of commentary.

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"...I would go with the Musical Fidelity pair and the Parasound A21+. You would have to spend a lot more money to get anything better..."

Same thing I was going to say.