Good amp pairing for Zu Dirty Weekend?

I purchased Zu Dirty Weekends a couple of months ago and I’m considering some alternate amplification. I’m currently using a Peachtree Nova 65 SE. I listen primarily to digital music via Tidal. I’d love to try something from Pass Labs or First Watt to experience some of that Nelson Pass goodness but that’s unfortunately out of my price range (looking to spend no more that 2k dollars). 

I came across this DIY kit from Amp Camp which is a Nelson Pass design. It looks like a fun project and I could continue using my Peachtree as a preamp.

I’ve also read about Decware as a good pairing. Entering the tube amplification world is also interesting to me.

Are there any other Dirty Weekend owners out there that have found an amp pairing they really enjoy given my budget?

Thanks very much for any advice.