Entry Level Recievers as Processors?

I am hoping to upgrade from my Pioneer VSXD509s an amp that has served me well but now that I feel the need to move towards seperates, has no pre-outs.

So I am seeking an interim solution.
Options I am considering are receivers with pre-outs that I can use temporarily until I can graduate to a proper processor.

Arcam AVR200
Harman Kardon AVR325
Yamaha RXV1300
Denon AVR-2803
NAD T752
Integra DTR-6.4

I would recommend the Denon AVR-3803 over the 2803. I've listend to both and the 3803 sounds less strained(used a parasound 5ch amp while auditioning). I'm going to be auctioning off a Sunfire theater Grande II in a few days for less then the cost of a 3803. Has about 10 hours on it. It was a temp unit while waiting for an Anthem AVM20.
the denon 3803 is a pretty sweet machine, if you can get one used, or sport a little extra for it, it would be a good investment.

you might even find that the denon 3803 alleviates your need to go with seperates, as mine did with me.

then of course, i needed cash fast and had to sell my rig, now i have a denon amplifier and a DBX pre-amp (loaner) and will never go back to a reciever except for a living room HT setup.


Denon makes real good recievers, the 3803 has just about everything that the 4803 and 5803 have, except the rediculous price tag and it has a little less power.
but 110x7, that aint bad.