Which Recievers can I use with My Bose 901's ?

Which recievers work with the Bose 901's?
That is without spending 3 grand on one.
The Bose only work with a reciever that has
pre outs and Amp mains in.

Need some help
they will work with any receiver that has a tape/monitor function also. a nad, denon, outlaw or harman-kardon (or any integrated or pre power combo with lots of power will drive them......enjoy, they are classics
I drove a pair of series III 901's for many years (in my younger slightly more rockin' higher volume days-early 1980's) with a Marantz 2270 receiver (70 watt/channel which had pre out's main in's), with great success. I also later drove them with an Adcom GPP555/GFA 555 200watts per channel combo and the Marantz gave up very little to the Adcoms. You can ocassionally find a 2270 for $300-$400 on Audiogon in good shape and you will have a nice vintage piece to boot.
Thank You Jabyo and Bbro for your
Mine are used with a $1 (plus shipping) eBay receiver. It's a JVC JR-S201, 35 wild animal watts per channel into 8 ohms.

I never get manage to get the volume slider more than about 1/2 of it's travel, or the neighbors in the houses next-door would complain. They're in a 1000 sq. ft. garage and of course the overhead door is usually open...

Yes, plug the equalizer into any tape loop if you don't have a pre-out/main-in connection. The equalizer should have a tape loop built in, to replace the one you're using on the receiver.
Oh, yeah. One more thing. If you have 901 Series III or IV, you can connect them to a very rare Bose receiver, and use the third speaker cable connection which will allow you to play games with the spatial perspective of the speakers.

Far as I know, ONLY the Bose receivers were equipped to take advantage of this third terminal, and when Bose quit making receivers, they quit putting the third terminal on the Series V and VI speakers.