Which of the new 4K Recievers do you prefer?

I’m looking for a new receiver for my home theater system. I have been using a Denon 5803 for years and I think it has very good sound quality and power. But, its an older model that I use the 7.1 analog inputs.

Now that I have the new Oppo 205 I would like to take advantage of using HMDI connections along with the Atmos overhead channels.

I would like one with about 150 RMS / channel, dual subwoofer outputs and has at least front channel preamp outputs. Sound quality is important. Video quality is less important because I run the Oppo direct to my 85" UHD Samsung.

Price around $1500-$2500+

Appreciate any help.



I don’t think you are going to find a receiver that will do an actual 150 RMS / channel. You -MIGHT- be able to get one that will do 140 RMS / channel, but only if the two LEFT/RIGHT channels are used (the Integra DRX-R1 indicates 140/channel, but I would guess it’s in 2-channel mode -- and this is a very hefty 50lb receiver). If you are using multiple channels (such as 5, 7, or 9+), then the RMS/channel is going to be much less (maybe in the 50-70 watts per channel area). It doesn’t matter what the specs say because many receiver manufacturers do not give fully accurate specs, or the specs are only with 2 channels driven. The power supplies in the receivers are just not enough to give you full 150 RMS/channel.

A true 150-200 RMS/channel amplifier is going to be in the 60-80 lb. area. You just need that much in transformer and power supply.

The one exception here, possibly, is if you find a receiver that uses Class D amplification. Sound quality is going to be different than normal Class AB, and it depends on the type of Class D circuits used.

If you really want that much RMS/Channel, I would look at something like a used Marantz AV7702 processor with a multi-channel amp. There are many 5 channel amplifiers that will do 150-200 RMS/channel for $1000-1500 on audiogon.  The 7702 is going for $800-1200 used.

Or get a cheaper Dolby Atmos receiver with a 5-channel amp. The receiver will power the ceiling/back speakers and your 5 channel amp will power the main front/surround speakers.


Thanks for your reply. My Denon was rated at 180 wpc. But, I agree that is probably overstated.  With the Denon I am using the front channels (preamp out) with my main stereo amp. Perhaps that takes some of the load off the Denon.

I am considered the new Marantz and the Yamaha receivers.



I know this is at the top of your price range but these NAD AVR's sound incredible.  Plenty of gusto in the power department.


The NAD does not have all of the bells and whistles but makes up for them in the musicality department.



Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into the NAD.


Hello Ozzy

May we be of assistance. Our shop sells

Audio Control
Cambridge Audio

We can give you great advice about these and other models

The high end European brands sound way better than the Japanese stuff

We did a comparison of a Denon  and the Cambridge Audio and the Cambridge dramatically outperformed it.

It will come down to preferences the NAD offer the most flexible design with MDC design which allows for board based upgrades.

The Arcam and Audio Control are sister products made in the same factory but both are more expensive than the $2500 price point

That leaves Cambridge, the CX 200 was $3,200 and we have it on special for $2,000.00 and it is  incredible sounding, very open and clean. 

I hope that helps.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor
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If you want a higher end Unit, the Acurus AV ACT 4 Are of the league in terms of SQ and Userbility. The unit can do 7.3.6 and soon with a firmware upgrade it will do 9.3.4

The DAC in the 205 is excellent.  If you use HDMI output from the 205 you will be using whatever DAC is in the unit connected to the 205 via HDMI, and that may not be as good, especially in a lower priced AVR.  At least for the front LR, you might consider using the analog output of the 205.  There are a number of choices in the Oppo menu that accommodate this, and you might visit the 205 owners' thread at AVS.  Bob is especially helpful.


Thanks for all of the suggestions.


You hit the nail on the head! Perhaps I am still better off using the Oppo 205 7.1 analog outs to the Denon. The sound quality is very good. Actually much better than with my previous Oppo 95.

Using the HDMI may get me the Atmos sound ability but it would involve the utilization of perhaps a inferior dac in a receiver. Good point.


I just bought a Yamaha RX-V781. My new projector hasn't shown up yet, so I can't speak to it's 4k performance, but it works great with a decent set of speakers and a 1080p tv...



There was a Yamaha on my short list. Not sure if it was the RX-V781 though.


If you are happy with your Dennon's sound you could consider using it as an amp only by feeding a pre-pro analog outs to it and using "source direct" to bypas all the processing, which would be done in the pre-pro.   It's a bit less elegant than pairing a power amp, but is better on budget.

In that scenario you might consider The Emotiva XMC-1.  I haven't used it but it's loaded (Dirac, Atmos, etc.) and upgradeable.  I've found Emotiva to be very reasonably priced and great quality.  I have an XPA-5 power amp and outdoor speakers and both have been excellent.  Their service was great too when I accidently left a speaker out in freezing weather they replaced it at no cost, despite it being my own fault!

Similar setup with the Marantz Pre-Pros would work.  I have the AV7005 which has been great.  The new AV7703 looks pretty fantastic.  They aren't upgradeable like Emotiva and are very large, but I love my AV7005 and would probably get either the Emotiva or this one if I were in the market now http://us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVSeparates&SubCatId=&Prod...