..its a band from years ago...anytime I listen to it I'm aghast how wonderful it is for me.   I listen to it on Ayre C5xemp CD player, Sennhieser 650 earphones from a dedicated amp.....the sound is glorious.  The album Is a CD..Le Roi Est Mort..Vive Le Roi (The Kind is dead...long live the King).  Very highly recommended for sound, music and immersion. I have a number of their albums...all great.
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The first time I heard Enigma was on an FM station in California. I was in a rental car on a business trip driving north on I-5 from San Diego en route to Laguna Niguel. The blue Pacific on my left and the sunlit golden  hills on the right. 

As soon as I got home to wintry Michigan, I went out and bought all the Enigma albums I could find, The sound never fails to remind me of that drive. 

Thanks for the idea. Gonna queue them up right now....